Meet Bill – Movie Review

Movie: Meet Bill

Year: 2007

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Comedy


6.3/10 – IMDB     21% Rotten Tomatoes    30% Metacritic


I watched this film last night “without” any expectations and now I am writing a review of Meet Bill. This is a typical movie a person who seems to have everything in life, except that inside his heart he is not really happy with anything. Aaron Eckhart is playing Bill a middle-aged man who is married to a beautiful and rich woman. He is working on a “needlessly created” position in a bank which is owned by his father-in-law. Here starts Bill’s misery, feeling himself as a failed person he is planning to start his own business. Bill meets Jane and Jim and discusses with them the proposal of buying a “doughnut” franchise. But, his plan seems to fall apart as he finds about his wife’s infidelity. This makes Bill really angry and he decided to attack Chip Johnson (Timothy Olyphant) a celebrity with whom his wife his cheating him. As Chip is a media celebrity and popular local TV host, the attack on him lands Bill in a very precarious situation where he becomes a joke for the whole city. Everything seems lost for Bill even his wife as well as his dream of having a doughnut franchise.

Here’s comes a kid (Logan Lerman) in the picture, he is supposed to stay with Bill as part of a “mentoring” program of which Bill’s bank and his family are a part of. The kid (whose name is not mentioned in the movie for reasons of course unknown) is a teenager who is looking for opportunities to have fun. But, for Bill he proves to be a life changing person to meet. Kid assures Bill that if he change himself and tries to look cool he can get his wife back. He even suggests Bill to make Jess (Elizabeth Banks) fell jealous by having relationship with other woman/girl. Now comes Lucy (Jessica Alba) who is a young girl working in a mall. As Bill requires his wife to meet with Jane and Jim for the doughnut franchise deal he takes Lucy with himself as his wife to them. Somehow, things get back to normal between Bill and Jess and in the end of the movie she agrees to his proposal of having a franchise. She even goes to Jane and Jim for finalising the deal. Here’s comes a twist, Bill meets Jess at Jane and Jim’s office and tells her that he came to say no to them for the deal. But, he feels happy that Jess has come herself for the deal. As they finalize the deal and gets the franchise Bill tells Jess to take this herself as he is not interested anymore. He leaves Jess there and later on Bill is seen meeting The Kid in his school and saying goodbye to him. What we can assume is that Bill went on a journey to explore himself and life after been living a frustrated life for many years.


Aaron Eckhart as Bill has done a good job in Meet Bill. All the supporting characters too have done a decent work. As the movie is comedy based one expects a lot of laughter in it, but unfortunately there’s nothing much to laugh about in Meet Bill except on few places. So, more or less it is more of a drama comedy movie. The storyline is not that strong it’s a normal one. Every now and then we meet people in our lives who are not really satisfied with their lives and Bill too is one of them. Although, at places you feel the misery of Bill’s character and feels sad for him. The music of this film is okay and there’s nothing much about it.


Meet Bill
Jane and Jim


Having read the above things you guys must have guessed that I am not really impressed by this movie and that’s the reason I have rated Meet Bill only 6 out of 10. I really felt that the storyline and the plot was a bit weak. Meet Bill could have been a serious drama movie or a pure comedy. But, all I can feel is that it is something “between” those two. Anyways, if you really love movies and have a passion for cinema then watch this one too, it is not that bad. After all it was premiered in Toronto Film Festival in 2007.


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Ex Machina – Movie Review

Movie: Ex Machina

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: U.K (Great Britain)

Language: English

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, Mystery

Ex Machina Movie Review:

I watched this film recently after reading a lot of positive things about it. And after that decided to write a review of it myself. Ex Machina is different kind of Sci-fi movie that has a lot of emotional touch in it. Normally in a Sci-fi movie we don’t expect much of emotions, but Ex Machina unlike the other science based movies has a large part of emotional touch in it. Talking of the characters and the screenplay as well as music, one has to give full marks to the director Alex Garland. He has really done a wonderful job in his debut project. Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury have composed one of the best tracks I have noticed in many years for this movie. The music gives you a very natural thrilling feeling about this film. The special effects too are just awesome especially the way Alicia’s character AVA has been portrayed is just a delight to watch. Coming to the plot of Ex Machina, Caleb is an intelligent programmer in a big software company. He wins a one week visit to his CEO’s (Nathan) home in a secluded area. Soon after reaching Nathan’s place Caleb comes to learn that he has been “deliberately” chosen from so many people in the company. He is there to check the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of AVA (a humanoid  robot) created by Nathan himself. During his many sessions with AVA (Alicia Vikander) Caleb feels a sense of strong attraction towards her as if she is a real woman and she too shows him her affection towards him. Sensing Nathan’s ill intention of “destroying” AVA soon, Caleb decides to take her away from that place. But, he can’t do this alone he needs help for this and he asks AVA to collaborate with him for which she agrees.

The major twist comes in the film when Nathan reveals to Caleb that he already know of his plans. And he was keeping a close eye on Caleb and AVA’s conversation even when it happened in “electricity” failures which were orchestrated by AVA herself.. Upon hearing this from Nathan, Caleb reveals to him that he too figured it out that they are being watched in power cuts so he has already done what it takes to give AVA a chance to go out of this place. In the end, the biggest and most “shocking” twist of the film comes where AVA after killing Nathan leaves Caleb locked in a room and goes out to “explore the human world”. Ex Machina ends here… All we can figure out is that AVA was much “smarter” than anyone would have thought her to be.

Ex Machina Characters To Watch Out:

Alicia Vikander as AVA: Alicia’s acting potentials are known all over the world now especially when she has received awards recently. In Ex Machina too Alicia is given her best her body language and acting are absolutely critical to the movie. Without her the movie s nothing. She is the USP of this film.

Domhnall Gleeson as Caleb Smith: He has really given an intense and great to watch performance as Caleb.His sessions with AVA are wonderful to watch, Domhnall has very well portrayed the character of Caleb.

Ex Machina Rating & Verdict:

I rated Ex machina 7/10, because of the high quality acting and some awesome background score. The story is good enough to keep you engaged throughout the film. If you love Sci-fi movies and have interest in watching movies based on robots then Ex Machina is a must for you. And for those who are not into that Sci-fi thing I will recommend to stay away from this movie as it is very slow and quite “not easy” to understand. Even I saw few scenes many times to understand them completely. But, as a cinema lover my general view is this that everyone should watch Ex Machina at least once. I am sure you will not feel regret after watching this film.

See the Ex Machina trailer to decide for yourself Whether to watch this movie or drop it…


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Superfast – Movie Review

Movie: Superfast

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Languages: English (Mainly) Spanish (Some Dialogues)

Genre: Comedy

Superfast Movie Review:

Superfast is a spoof movie by directed by Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer. It is based on the Fast & Furious Movie Series. If you haven’t watch Fast & Furious then please don’t watch this movie as it’s humor will go over your head. As for those who have watched Fast & Furious series Superfast movie is surely going to entertain them to the fullest. Superfast has got some really terrible reviews and poor rankings. In my view for once keep all those rankings and reviews out of your mind and simply watch this parody film. It really has some serious laughter in it for you. All the characters are really picked very well and there getup as well as body language is looking extremely well. As for the story-line there’s nothing much to talk about, but still the movie has a cute little story. Undercover agent Lucas White is on a mission to infiltrate the LA’s infamous illegal street racers gang. The gang is headed by Vin Serento who alongside Lucas (after he successfully infiltrates their gang) makes a “dangerous” plan of robbing LA’s mafia kingpin Juan Carlos de la Sol. The rest is full of comic events, some odd characters and lots of fun. In the end of movie Lucas gives a ditch to his department and joins Serento’s gang forever.

My Verdict & Rating of Superfast Movie:

I have rated Superfast Movie a flat 10 out of 10. The reason is quite simple, and that is Superfast is full of idiotic comedy which is a treat to watch. The music, cars used in the movie, different intresting locations and a hilarious climax makes Superfast a must watch parody movie. From acting point of view I liked Dale PavinskiAlex Ashbaugh and Omar Chaparro‘s acting too much. But, the most hilarious character for me was of Dio Johnson as Detective Johnson he is really looking like Dwayne Johnson and his acting is absolutely amazing. His way of walking and talking is resembling so much like Dwayne Johnson. It made laugh too much whenever Dio Johnson was on screen doing his funny stuff. Conclusion, Superfast Movie is a must watch for you… Recommended by me. Stay tuned for more reviews…….!

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Dum Laga Ke Haisha – Movie Review

Movie: Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: India (Hindi, Bollywood)

Languages: Hindi (Khadi Boli)(Mainly), English (Few Dialogues)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Rating: 7.5/10 IMDB  3/5 Bollywood Hungama  3.5/5 Movies NDTV

Dum Laga Ke Haisha Review:

Very rarely we expect something “off-track” from Bollywood. Dum Laga Ke Haisha is one such movie that is completely off-track from the norms of today’s Bollywood. There are many things different about this film such as it is filmed in a small city only (there are no exotic locations in the movie), it is a romantic movie but not a one we have become accustomed of seeing in Bollywood. Last but not least, there is no “hourglass figured” lead actress in this film. Having said this now I must come to the story-line of this movie. Well, the out-of-league story-line is the reason why I am writing a review for Dum Laga Ke Haisha. The movie tells the story of a matric fail guy named Prem Prakash Tiwari (Ayushmann Khurana), Prem is a guy who despite having no talent and decent education dreams of a good life and beautiful life partner. But destiny has something else for him. His parents almost force him to marry Sandhya (a girl who is fat). Sandhya is educated and qualified for teaching, keeping in mind the financial situation of his family Prem agrees to marry her. Although in his heart he never accepts Sandhya as his wife. From the wedding night itself a sort of strangeness comes between the couple. This strangeness turns to separation when in a marriage party Prem abuses his wife in front of his friends. Sandhya by chance listens to this insult and slaps him on the face.

After this incident, Sandhya goes back to her home and files for divorce. Upon hearing about the divorce Prem’s mother fell unconscious and asks her son to bring back Sandhya. Prem is still unmoved and they all go for divorce to court. The judge decides in the favor of Sandhya, but with a condition  that both needs to stay for some days together so that they can resolve their issues and if still there is no mutual consent for staying together the court will accept their divorce petition. Now, these few days prove to be the most “precious” of Prem and Sandhya’s life as they discovers more about each other and their relation becomes even stronger after winning the “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” competition.

Characters To Watch Out:

Ayushmann Khurrana as Prem Prakash Tiwari: He has given his best in this film, Ayushmann is a multi-talented person and he is definitely getting better by age. His body language and face expressions are an absolute treat to watch. Whenever he is frustrated or crying in the film one can feel the misery of the character of Prem. Full marks to Ayushmann for the acting and portraying this role with full intensity.

Bhumi Pednekar as Sandhya Varma: Bhumi is the dark horse of Dum Laga Ke Haisha. I never expected such high-class and flawless acting from a newcomer, but she has done it quite convincingly. Her dialogue delivery and body language is really appreciable.

Sanjay Mishra as Chandra Prakash Tiwari: Sanjay is a well-known face in Bollywood from the long time. In this film too he is at his usual best. Without him the “light part” of this will would have been uncompleted. His lighthearted dialogues and comic acting as the father of a unworthy son is something to be remembered for a long time.

My Verdict And Rating of This Film:

I have rated Dum Laga Ke Haisha 10 out of 10 mainly because of its high quality acting, wonderful direction and a kind of “realistic” and thought-provoking story-line. One thing about which I was a little disappointed was the music of this movie which is to me a below average one. Anyways who cares about songs these days in movies. In my view if you are brave enough to see some realistic story in Bollywood movies then go for this one. Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a surprise package according to my understanding which I am sure a true movie lover would always appreciate.

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