Larry Crowne Movie Review

Movie – Larry Crowne

Release Year –  2011

Country of Origin – U.S.A

Languages – English

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Larry Crowne Review:

Before starting to talk anything about the film, Larry Crowne I have to confess something. I am a huge fan of Mr. Tom Hanks and aways have a sense of bias for him. That guy really deserves admiration and love. Anyways, we will talk about my love for Mr. Hanks some other day.

Larry Crowne Pics
Tom Hanks drving a scooter in Larry Crowne…

Larry Crowne is a sweet, simple and thoughtful romantic comedy stuff. It has nothing “extra ordinary”, but still grabs your attention and makes you laugh, cry and filled with all sorts of emotions. You can feel a bit of “you” in Larry’s character. That’s what I liked the most in the movie.

There are characters who feel so realistic, as if we too have them in our lives. Nia Vardalos is a fine & versatile artist and this time too she has written something worthy of praise. Not to forger Tom Hanks too is a co-writer of this beautifully directed & choreographed film.

Larry Crowne Story-line:

Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is a middle age man who loses his job just because he had no “formal diplomas”. He sees that he paid the price because of his shyness and sober personality. So, he decides to go to college for study.

Larry Crowne Pics
Larry with his friend Talia...

Here, he meets Talia (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) a bubbly young girl who adds him to her gang. Larry suddenly starts to feel “refreshed” and works hard to do something. He studies hard and befriends his classmates.

Larry Crowne also develops a kind of romantic bond with his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts). Who has a troubled life because of her porn-addicted husband. The two initially distant too each other finally come close. There are lot other characters in the movie that helps Larry in resurrecting his life. The movie ends with Larry Crowne starting his own small kitchen.

Larry Crowne Pics
Julia Roberts as Mecedes Tainot.

Verdict & Rating of This Film:

This movie has everything in it from classy acting to good back ground score. I rated it 9/10, and feel it deserves this rating. I would recommend Larry Crowne to everyone not only because of Tom Hanks, but also because the movie is a good entertaining package. So, enjoy this movie and don’t forget to remember me.

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Bangistan Review

Movie – Bangistan

Release Year –  2015

Country of Origin: India (Bollywood)

Languages – Hindustani (Urdu+Hindi), Polish & English (Few Dialogues)

Genre – Comedy

Bangistan Review:

I am sure by now everyone must have either seen or decided not to see Bangistan at all. And, the reason is obvious Bangistan is a small budget film that even failed to match its budget. The critics have literally abused Bangistan everywhere. People have made fun of Karan Anshuman’s “unique effort”.

But, if you trust me then Bangistan is not that bad a movie. It is a kind of “social experimental” in nature that awfully fails to create any impact on the society. The reason is quite simple to understand. This film has “exaggeration” everywhere in the script. The fact that it stars Ritiesh Deshmukh ( Hafeez Bin Ali/Ishwarchand Sharma) & Pulkit Samrat (Praveen Chaturvedi/Allah Rakha Khan) doesn’t help the cause either.

Story-line & Plot:

The movie is about a region called Bangistan that’s divided between North (Muslim Majority) & South (Hindu Majority). It is a satire on “fundamentalism” that exists in ample form in our present society. There is a conference in Karakow, Poland. The two religious leaders of North & South Bangistan decides to give a message of peace for the people of their country.

But, some people are not happy with their motive of peace. Al Kaam-Tamaam (North Bangistan) and Maa Ka Dal of (South Bnagistan) decides to send their “suicide bombers” to the conference. Hafeez Bin Ali a Muslim, disguises as Ishwarchand Sharma and Praveen Chaturvedi a Hindu, turns himself into Allah Rakha Khan.

Coincidently, they both stay at the same place in Karakow. Gradually, both explore the truth” about their respective religions from each other. Suddenly, there is a change of heart for Hafeez Bin Ali and he decides to stop Praveen.

My Rating & Verdict:

I rated Bangistan 7/10, and felt that it was a good effort by Karan Anshuman. But, it lacked maturity in narration as well as direction. Karan has dealt with a very sensitive topic of “Hindu-Muslim” in a comic way. And, I feel this is the reason it doesn’t go down well with viewers. The story too is light and hardly feels intriguing enough.

Anyways, if you have some free time and nothing worthy of watching. Then at least give Bangistan a chance. May be you will understand the lesson behind the satire which unfortunately most people didn’t…

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In The Heart of The Sea – Review

Movie – In The Heart of The Sea

Release Year – (2015)

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Languages – English (Mainly), Spanish (Few Dialogues Only)

Genre – Adventure, Action, Biography

In The Heart of The Sea Review:

Ron Howard, has given us some of Hollywood’s best movies over the years. And, this time too he doesn’t disappoint with In The Heart of The Sea. It is based on real story of sinking of a whaling ship called “ESSEX” in 1820. The film is set in the time when “whale oil” business was booming. And, to sustain this boom shipping firms were sending more and more ships in the oceans far away to gather as much whale oil as they could.

Our ship Essex too was one such ship, it was commanded by Captain George Pollard Jr. (Benjamin Walkerwith Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) as his first-mate. Both the men had their own ambitions and were of contrasting personalities. Straight from day one, when the Essex left for the ocean. It was very clear that these two men weren’t comfortable with each other. Their clash of personalities is one of the best part of this film.

Somehow, they agree to stay together to complete the task they are assigned. The task was to get 2000 barrels of whale oil and go back to sea port of Nantucket. But, things get bad for them when after several months they are unable to find sufficient whales.

Later, at a place in Latin America from a Spanish captain they learn of a place that has plenty of whales. But, that place has a demon too, a big “white whale”. That kills everything coming his way. Now, Chase and Pollard have to choose whether to sail to the place or go back without whale oil. And, as obvious from their nature they chose former.

This turns out to be their biggest mistake that almost costs their lives. The rest of the movie, is all about how they get to that place and actually encounter that devil whale.

Why to watch In The Heart of The Sea?

The answer is quite simple, In The Heart of The Sea has everything a cinema lover would like to see in a movie. The acting is superb by the cast, Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Brendan Gleeson have been exceptionally good in it.

Screenplay and direction is superb and special effects make In The Heart of The Sea a movie to remember forever. For me one outstanding feature of In The Heart of The Sea was its great film score. Roque Baños‘ music has really made this film an appealing stuff.

Rating & Verdict:

To many’s surprise I have rated In The Heart of The Sea 10/10. This film is a box office bomb. And, I am still wondering why this happened to this wonderful piece of cinema work? Most critics have given a thumbs down to In The Heart of The Sea.

Anyways, leaving critics aside, if you are into Mr. Chris Hemsworth movies and love adventure genre. Then without any hesitation go for In The Heart of The Sea. I am fully assured that you guys will love this film.


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Melbourne – Movie Review

Movie – Melbourne                                             Original Title – (ملبورن )

Releasing Year – 2014                                       Country of Origin: Iran

Language – Farsi (Persian)                                Genre – Drama

Melbourne Movie Review:

There’s something about all the Irani movies, most of them have a very “ordinary” story-line. Yet, they always appeal your senses and make you feel more of it. Becaue they extract the “non-ordinary” from ordinary situations. Melbourne, too is one such movie. Directed by Nima Javidi, Melbourne is a movie that has a very ordinary theme. It is filmed in one flat and there’s hardly any background music/score in it. Still, this movie is worthy of watching. 

Peyman Moaadi (Amir Ali Nejati) & Negar Javaherian (Sara) are a married couple who are packing their stuff to leave Tehran for Melbourne. The movie is all about that one day and what happened on that day. Everything is going normal and usual till the neighbor’s nanny bring their infant daughter to Sara. She asks them to let the baby sleep in their home till she comes back from important work.

The couple’s supposedly happy day turn into a dark one when the husband finds that the little baby is actually not sleeping rather she is dead. Now they are in a dilemma whether the baby was brought dead to them by the nanny. Or she died in their home. After doing some research on internet both find that it may be their mistake that lead to baby’s death.

In the end, after getting no certain answer as to what happened to the girl. Amir and Sara decides to go ahead with their plan to move to Melbourne. Movie uses the girl’s death as a metaphor. The baby is dead, but no one is taking the responsibility. Neither anyone knows how’s she dead. In the end, Amir takes the girl and leaves her to a neighbor. He says to them that baby is sleeping an d when her parents come they will take her.

Melbourne Movie Rating & Verdict:

I liked the movie, but as it is very dry. I mean there’s no music that for me is an essential component of any film. So, I am rating Melbourne 7/10. This movie is being critically acclaimed all over the world. And, if you want to see some intense acting and unusual ending in a film. Then go ahead and watch this piece of Irani Cinema.

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