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Larry Crowne Movie Review

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Movie – Larry Crowne

Release Year –  2011

Country of Origin – U.S.A

Languages – English

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Larry Crowne Review:

Before starting to talk anything about the film, Larry Crowne I have to confess something. I am a huge fan of Mr. Tom Hanks and aways have a sense of bias for him. That guy really deserves admiration and love. Anyways, we will talk about my love for Mr. Hanks some other day.

Larry Crowne Pics
Tom Hanks drving a scooter in Larry Crowne…

Larry Crowne is a sweet, simple and thoughtful romantic comedy stuff. It has nothing “extra ordinary”, but still grabs your attention and makes you laugh, cry and filled with all sorts of emotions. You can feel a bit of “you” in Larry’s character. That’s what I liked the most in the movie.

There are characters who feel so realistic, as if we too have them in our lives. Nia Vardalos is a fine & versatile artist and this time too she has written something worthy of praise. Not to forger Tom Hanks too is a co-writer of this beautifully directed & choreographed film.

Larry Crowne Story-line:

Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is a middle age man who loses his job just because he had no “formal diplomas”. He sees that he paid the price because of his shyness and sober personality. So, he decides to go to college for study.

Larry Crowne Pics
Larry with his friend Talia...

Here, he meets Talia (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) a bubbly young girl who adds him to her gang. Larry suddenly starts to feel “refreshed” and works hard to do something. He studies hard and befriends his classmates.

Larry Crowne also develops a kind of romantic bond with his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts). Who has a troubled life because of her porn-addicted husband. The two initially distant too each other finally come close. There are lot other characters in the movie that helps Larry in resurrecting his life. The movie ends with Larry Crowne starting his own small kitchen.

Larry Crowne Pics
Julia Roberts as Mecedes Tainot.

Verdict & Rating of This Film:

This movie has everything in it from classy acting to good back ground score. I rated it 9/10, and feel it deserves this rating. I would recommend Larry Crowne to everyone not only because of Tom Hanks, but also because the movie is a good entertaining package. So, enjoy this movie and don’t forget to remember me.

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  • Jay @ Assholes Watching Movies

    I really liked it too!

    • Absar Ahmad

      Yes, indeed it is a really nice movie. Turned out to be much better than expected.