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Shaun of the Dead Review – Just Not Engaging Enough!

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Movie: Shaun of the Dead

Director: Edgar Wright

Release Year: 2004

Country: Great Britain (UK)                                       

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Shaun of the Dead Review:

After reading so much about the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, I decided to watch it with Shaun of the Dead (the first movie of the trilogy). Contrary to its world-wide success and my expectation this turned out to be an utterly boring movie. In my review of Zombieland, I have mentioned the fact that I am not a guy who is into vampire/zombie movies. But as Shaun of the Dead has Simon Pegg in it I was kind of enticed to see it.


Simon Pegg Shaun of The Dead
Even Simon Pegg Couldn’t Save Shaun of The Dead

Now coming to the storyline and other aspects of the movie. All I can is, it is not at all an engaging movie. The direction is quite good, special effects are great as they need to be in a zombie movie. Music was a little dull to my liking, but certainly not bad at all. The acting is actually commendable by all the actors. In fact, for me Nick Frost looked way better than Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead.

The most unimpressive part was the plot itself. Shaun is a guy in late 20s. He has a girlfriend and live with his friends in an apartment. His problem is his ‘’dull and low life’’. He is not at all happy with his profession of a salesman in an electronic shop. He actually ends up breaking with his girlfriend. She accuses him of being unsporty and being a loser. However , things change for Shaun when the city is plagued by a virus that is turning people into ‘flesh eating’ zombies.

The plot revolves around the story of how Shaun tries to help his family and girlfriend escape from zombies. Eventually, getting his girlfriend back.


Well , with all the leniency in my heart. I could only give 5/10 to Shaun of the Dead. You guys must be cursing me after seeing that this movie has some great reviews and ratings on Google. But , as I always say some movies are difficult to judge from their ratings. Shaun of the Dead is one such film. In my view, please avoid this one from the “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”.

Zombieland – Movie Review

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Movie: Zombieland

Year: 2009

Country of Origin: USA

Languages: English

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Adventure

Rating:   7.7/10 – IMDB    89% Rotten Tomatoes   73 Metacritic

Zombieland Review:

Before writing anything else I want to tell you all that I am not at all a fan of “Zombie” movies. But, the presence of Jesse Eisenberg in this film made me watch it and now after watching I really felt to write a review of Zombieland. The movie is just a pure non sense entertainer throughout. Zombieland is a story of four people who are trying to escape the zombies after a plague turned U.S.A into a Zombieland. The film has subtle taste of humor. There are many instances where you would laugh unconsciously.  Ruben Fleischer has directed Zombieland in a fine way so as to give you the best of “horror comedy”. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is a student who is left alone in his place after the virus plagued the area. The only reason he did manage to escape the virus was by following his “RULES”… I will not say much about his rules as this will kill your excitement of watching this movie. He meets a man rather a “tough man” named Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). There’s something peculiar about Tallahassee and that is he loves killing zombies. Columbus tells him that he is going to his hometown in Ohio to see, if his parents are still alive. He asks Tallahassee to give him a ride till Ohio. Tallahassee takes him into his Escalade and gives tells Columbus that he wants to eat “Twinkies” and for that he can take any risk. Later on, both meets a girl, who along with her little sister cheats them and took their Cadillac Escalade. 

Zombieland Review
Columbus attacked by a Zombie…!

After being cheated they find a better vehicle, a Hummer H2 loaded with weapons. Again the duo encounters the two girls and once more they make a fool of them. This time though the sisters decide to travel with them in the Hummer H2. During the drive the four becomes friendly with each other and Columbus feels attracted to Wichita (Emma Stone). All four of them reaches Los Angeles and take shelter in Bill Murray’s mansion. Suddenly, Bill Murray comes up and that too in a zombie get up. He tells Tallahassee and Wichita that zombies don’t attack their lookalikes, so he too made his get up like that of a zombie. Bill tries to do a prank with Columbus, but he out of fear kills him. After this they throw away the body of Bill out of the mansion and have some fun playing games together. The next day Wichita alongside her sister Little Rock left the mansion for Pacific Playland. At the Pacific Playland the sisters get attacked by a big group of zombies. They were about to be becoming the prey of zombies till Columbus along with Tallahassee arrives to save them. The movie ends here after they kill all the zombies and decided to remain together.

Tallahassee showing his “ZOMBIE” killing skills to Columbus…

My Favorite Characters in Zombieland:

Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus Ohio: Well, talking about Jesse I would say that I am a little biased, of course in his favor. I am such a huge fan of this guy that it’s very difficult to me to say anything negative for him. Jesse as Columbus in Zombieland is rocking. You always feel that from where this guy bring so much humour without actually showing it on his face? The whole movie has some awesome “one liners” by Columbus that anyone would love to laugh about. Jesse has given his best in Zombieland as he quite often do in every role he play. For me he was the main artist for Zombieland who carried the whole film over his shoulders.

The others too have done a fair job specially Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. Bill Murray’s cameo in the film looked a bit odd, but still it was very much tolerable at that moment of time.

Zombieland Movie Review
Wichita, Little Rock, Tallahassee, & Columbus all together…

My Verdict & Rating of Zombieland:

I rated Zombieland 9/10 because of the entertaining package that this film is. Not a single minute you will feel boring while watching Zombieland. There are only four major characters in the movie and it has some wonderful laughing stuff. The music too is very rocking. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to see some good quality comedy stuff. Although, I would like to mention that the film does contain some cannibalistic scenes which some people might not like. All in all a good movie to watch on weekend when you have free time like I do always have…!


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Jinn – Movie Review

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Movie: Jinn

Year: 2014

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Languages: English (Mainly) Arabic & Urdu (Some Dialogues)

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Jinn Movie Review:

Well with all due respect to the director for his “novel” effort to introduce the concept of “Jinn” to the Western and European audience. In my view the “Jinn/Djinn” proved to be a very below par movie. The reason for this is that the story-line is really very weak and the plot too is really not interesting at all. The movie literally goes nowhere with the script. I also have reservations regarding if the concept of “Jinn” is really explained in a proper way or not. I am a Muslim by birth and I have not read or heard anywhere anything like this what is shown in the movie. Although, Jinns live with us in this world without letting us know about it, but there is nothing as such that there is a group of Jinns who wants to rule the world. So, as such there is a flaw in story-line anyways it’s a thriller cum horror movie so no one expects reality in it. But, still the director must have done a bit more research on this subject. Now coming on to the technical aspects of this movie. Besides, that this movie has a star cast who are not very famous it also lag “special effects”. The fighting scenes are really very poorly constructed and it don’t give a feel of a 21st century movie. From acting point of view too this movie doesn’t offer much to its audience. Dominic Rains is the lead character and he is really “pathetic” if not less. Serinda Swan is beautiful and that’s it…there’s nothing in her role too that can appeal you. Faran Tahir and Ray Park are looking as if they are “overacting”. The music/background score of the movie too is not so appealing. Overall, I am of the view that Mr. Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad needs to work a lot if he is “ever” thinking of making a sequel of this movie.

My Rating of Jinn Movie:

I have given 4 out of 10 to this Jinn movie mainly because I didn’t like any element of the movie. The plot, music, acting, special effects etc. all are below par from an average Hollywood flick. To be frank I had high hopes from this movie, but all I end up with is lots of disappointment.

My Verdict of Jinn Movie:

If you have nothing to see at home on a day only then see Jinn Movie that too without any expectations. There is every chance that you might stop seeing the film in the first hour itself. But if you really want to know about the “Jinns” then please read some authentic Islamic Sources they will give you a better picture than this movie.

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