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Jinn – Movie Review

Movie: Jinn

Year: 2014

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Languages: English (Mainly) Arabic & Urdu (Some Dialogues)

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Jinn Movie Review:

Well with all due respect to the director for his “novel” effort to introduce the concept of “Jinn” to the Western and European audience. In my view the “Jinn/Djinn” proved to be a very below par movie. The reason for this is that the story-line is really very weak and the plot too is really not interesting at all. The movie literally goes nowhere with the script. I also have reservations regarding if the concept of “Jinn” is really explained in a proper way or not. I am a Muslim by birth and I have not read or heard anywhere anything like this what is shown in the movie. Although, Jinns live with us in this world without letting us know about it, but there is nothing as such that there is a group of Jinns who wants to rule the world. So, as such there is a flaw in story-line anyways it’s a thriller cum horror movie so no one expects reality in it. But, still the director must have done a bit more research on this subject. Now coming on to the technical aspects of this movie. Besides, that this movie has a star cast who are not very famous it also lag “special effects”. The fighting scenes are really very poorly constructed and it don’t give a feel of a 21st century movie. From acting point of view too this movie doesn’t offer much to its audience. Dominic Rains is the lead character and he is really “pathetic” if not less. Serinda Swan is beautiful and that’s it…there’s nothing in her role too that can appeal you. Faran Tahir and Ray Park are looking as if they are “overacting”. The music/background score of the movie too is not so appealing. Overall, I am of the view that Mr. Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad needs to work a lot if he is “ever” thinking of making a sequel of this movie.

My Rating of Jinn Movie:

I have given 4 out of 10 to this Jinn movie mainly because I didn’t like any element of the movie. The plot, music, acting, special effects etc. all are below par from an average Hollywood flick. To be frank I had high hopes from this movie, but all I end up with is lots of disappointment.

My Verdict of Jinn Movie:

If you have nothing to see at home on a day only then see Jinn Movie that too without any expectations. There is every chance that you might stop seeing the film in the first hour itself. But if you really want to know about the “Jinns” then please read some authentic Islamic Sources they will give you a better picture than this movie.

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Three Kings – Movie Review

Movie: Three Kings (1999)

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Language: English, Arabic (Few Dialogues Only) 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, War

Three Kings Movie Review:

Three Kings is set in 1991 Iraq after the end of Gulf War-1. It has very competently portrayed the situation after the end of Gulf War-1 when the “uprising” takes place against the rule of Saddam Hussein in southern Iraq. The movie shows how after the end of the war nobody including USA was caring about the people who were brutally suppressed, looted, tortured, and killed by the Iraqi army. All everyone was caring about was to get their hands on the “gold” that Saddam’s Army has looted from the Kuwaitis. Even the media which is supposed to be “neutral and unbiased” was thinking of getting more and more stories and not helping the people.

Three Kings gives an idea about the political situation of Iraq during that time and how the “inconsistent” US foreign policy has affected the lives of millions of people both “pro-Saddam and anti-Saddam”. The screenplay is very good and the locations filmed for Three Kings look genuine and wonderful. The story has a comical way too and it really keeps you interested. The actors have performed really well and it can be said everyone has done justice to their roles. The background music is also good but can not described as great like in many other “war” themed movies.

Characters to watch out in Three Kings:

Archie Gates (George Clooney): Well Mr. Clooney is Mr. Clooney you can’t describe him well enough. Throughout the movie it is his character that has a “resounding” presence on-screen. He has taken the limelight away from other co-stars.

Conrad Vig (Spike Jonze): Well, he is shown as an idiotic but nice at heart person. His only wish is to go back to US and earn a decent living there. He is also responsible for the comedy element in the film. But, in the end after getting shot he dies with a last wish of getting buried in a sacred place. His fellow companions fulfills his last wish.

My Rating of Three Kings:

I have rated this film 8 out of 10. The main reason for this is that it is not a one-sided story telling. The film shows both the sides of the coin. It is especially clear in the character of “Said” while torturing “Troy” speak many things that hit our brains. The character of TV reporter Adriana Cruz is also very though provoking and gives an insight of how media handles things. specially when in the end she says “why this war happened in the first place she doesn’t still understand it” sums up all. Although it can’t be denied that Three Kings at some places exaggerated many things, but it is very much expected as it is a commercial cinema.

My Verdict of this Film:

If you are looking to see some action packed drama movie that has comedy as well as emotional punch in it then Three Kings is a must watch. In the end, you will also get to know how things can be made better by properly managing the “conflicts” anywhere in this planet.

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