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Bad Moms – Movie Review

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Movie: Bad Moms                                         Year: 2016

Country: USA                                                Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Bad Moms Movie Review:

With the entertaining trailer and successful team behind it, I went to watch Bad Moms with great expectations and realized that it is a little stale, unrealistic and much less funny mom version of The Hangover.

The lead Mila Kunis is trying her best to be a good mother. One day she snaps and decides she’s done making her kids’ childhood magical. And this is just the beginning of one hundred and fifty-seven clichés in the film!

Bad Moms Story-line:

The movie starts great and you do feel sorry for Mila Kunis’s character and pity her for having ungrateful kids and a useless husband. The school bully is someone we have seen before and Christina Applegate slipped into her character effortlessly. The sidekicks are stereotypical too, but have acted well, however, Kathryn Hahn is more annoying than funny at some places. Most of the jokes and situations are over the top and are not always laughable. It is supposed to be a feminist movie but it was offensive at places. Dancing pregnant moms, dancing hijab wearing moms, Indian mom saying Mila Kunis ‘looks foreign’ are all supposed to be jokes that I didn’t quite get.

The film had some great dialogues that I could relate with as a mother. Mom-fantasy of having a quiet breakfast, the fear of screwing up every day, or finding someone who can fix a car-seat in 2 seconds hot are so typical. There was so much that could be done with a subject like this but I feel the film got derailed because it became increasingly unrealistic. There are too many extremes – jerk of a husband, unreasonable boss and too nice and perfect Mila Kunis, too much drinking and raunchiness. I find it hard to believe that someone who has been a mother for 12 years can’t find more ways to feel liberated. When everything in her life is falling apart – job, marriage, kids – the lead is focused on fighting an ego battle against the bully and trying to get laid.

And at the end, everything magically falls in place. Mila Kunis’s life and kids are perfect, the timid learns to boss around her dominating husband, bully becomes a friend and the slutty one even wears decent clothes AND packs a lunchbox for school! It’s way too perfect. The end credits however are awesome. The camera captures real life moms of the crew talking about their motherhood fails. Its adorable and makes you go awww!

Final Verdict on Bad Moms:

Overall, the movie is not great, but it’s fun if you don’t go with high expectations… or your brains!!

Review By: Aparna Kunal Jain

She manages a Facebook Group called The Movie Club…!

Hollywood So Far In 2016 – Expectations & Reality

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Hollywood So Far In 2016 – Expectations & Reality

Like every year this year too there were a lot of Hollywood releases which had high expectations, but couldn’t deliver. While few movies which were initially thought to be as low key affair, unexpectedly made it big at the box office. As far as the collections are concerned till now, the top 5 highest grossing movies of 2016 are:

Hollywood So Far In 2016 - Expectations & Reality
Captain America Civil War 2016 Movie
  1. Captain America – Civil War
  2. Zootopia
  3. The Jungle Book
  4. Batman vs Superman – The Dawn of Justice
  5. Finding Dory
Hollywood So Far In 2016 - Expectations & Reality
Batman vs Superman Poster

Among the above mentioned films, “Batman vs Superman” received a negative review from the critics as well as the viewers. But, still it was able to earn more than 3 times of its budget. Mostly, due to the “hype” created around the movie. On the other hand “Captain America – Civil War” not only crossed $1billion mark, but also ruled the hearts of the people worldwide.

One movie that crossed the expectations given its budget is Ryan Reynolds starring “Deadpool”. The film was supposed to earn around $850 million world over and so far it has made around $780 million. With a budget of just under $60 million Deadpool has earned more than 12 times of its budget. The film holds an 8.1 rating on IMDB with almost half a million votes currently. “Zootopia” too was expected to gross $850 million internationally has surprisingly crossed $1billion. The movie got 98% on Rotten tomatoes which is a testimony of its commercial as well as cinematic success.

Hollywood So Far In 2016 - Expectations & Reality
Deadpool Poster

Now, talking about the films that disappointed us. Among the foremost are “Zoolander – 2” & “My Big Fat Wedding – 2”. Both the films have couple of things common between them. These sequels are released after more than a decade of their first part. They both were highly anticipated movies of 2016 and they didn’t live up to the expectations. Although, they made more than their budget, but still were not accepted by the audience in general. One more “sequel” that hit the screen in 2016 was “The Huntsman – Winter’s War”. Despite an experienced and powerful cast and all the marketing and media hype created around this film it can only be considered as “below par”. In general, we can say year 2016 wasn’t good for sequels. Except for few of them, all the sequels were either rejected by the audience or couldn’t make the impression that was expected from them.

Hollywood So Far In 2016 - Expectations & Reality
Zoolander 2 Poster

“Independence Day – Resurgence” couldn’t even make the half of what was predicted out of it. Likewise, “Now You See Me – 2” although did a “modest” job in theaters, but by no way surpassed its first part commercially as well as popularity wise. Similarly, “Ghostbusters” couldn’t even cross its budget till the time this article was written.

Now, here are my top 5 movies that are yet to hit the screens in 2016 and what we can predict for them in revenue worldwide.

  1. Dr Strange – $700million
  2. Moana – $700million
  3. Suicide Squad – $712 million
  4. Rogue One: A Star War’s Story – $900 million
  5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – $1 billion
Hollywood So Far In 2016 - Expectations & Reality
Fantastic Beats And Where to Find Them Movie Poster

It would be interesting to watch and see what these movies can bring to us and whether they will make their way into the Top-grossing movies of 2016 by the end of the year or not. Till then take care and enjoy watching movies…!

Larry Crowne Movie Review

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Movie – Larry Crowne                                                       Release Year –  2011

Country of Origin – U.S.A                                                 Languages – English

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Before starting to talk anything about the film, I have to confess something. I am a huge fan of Mr. Tom Hanks and always have a sense of bias for him. The guy really deserves admiration and love. Anyways, I keep this topic for some other day.

Larry Crowne Movie 2011
Tom Hanks driving a scooter…

Larry Crowne is a sweet, simple and thoughtful romantic comedy stuff. It has nothing “extra ordinary”, but still grabs your attention and makes you laugh, cry and fill with all sorts of emotions. You can feel a bit of “you” in Larry’s character. That’s what I liked the most in the movie.

There are characters who feel so realistic, as if they are a part of our lives. Nia Vardalos is a fine and versatile artist and this time too she has written something worthy of praise. Not to forget Tom Hanks too is a co-writer of this beautifully directed and wonderfully choreographed film.

Larry Crowne Story-line:

The protagonist, Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is a middle age man who loses his job just because he had no formal diplomas. He realizes that he paid the price of his shy and sober personality. So, he decides to go to a college for study.

Larry Crowne Movie 2011
Tom Hanks with his friend Talia...

Here, he meets Talia (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a bubbly young girl who adds him to her gang. Larry suddenly starts feeling refreshed and works hard to achieve something. He studies hard and befriends his classmates.

Larry also develops a kind of romantic bond with his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), who has a troubled life because of her porn-addicted husband. The two, initially very distant to each other finally come close and develops a platonic love. There are a few other characters in the movie that help Larry in resurrecting his life. The movie ends with Larry starting his own small kitchen.

Larry Crowne Movie 2011
Julia Roberts as Mecedes Tainot.

My Verdict & Rating of This Film:

This movie has everything in it from classy acting to good back ground score. I rate it 9/10 and would recommend Larry Crowne to everyone not only because of Tom Hanks, but also because the movie is a good entertaining package. So, enjoy this movie and don’t forget to remember me.

Stay-tuned to read more reviews on The World of Movies!

Reviewed by: Absar Ahmad

Serendipity – Movie Review

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Movie: Serendipity                                                                       Release Year: 2001

Country of Origin: USA                                                              Language: English

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Serendipity Movie Review:

Can you fall in love with a stranger with whom you have spent just an evening? Well, for Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager, the answer is ‘YES’. Serendipity as the name suggests is a movie that is based on chance and destiny. Peter Chelsom’s direction is quite well and the film never seems dull throughout its 90 mins of running.

What I Liked About Serendipity?

There are some good sings in the movie that I enjoyed, and I am sure  anyone with a romantic taste would also enjoy the same. From cinematography point of view too, Serendipity is a nice movie to watch and enjoy. The story-line is not that ‘out of the world’ kind, but it is good enough to keep you engaged. In our lives at some stage or the other we all wish to get married or be in a relationship with someone whom we think is “made for us material” or “our soul mate”. However, very few people on this planet actually get that “true and destined love”.

Serendipity Movie Story-line:

The movie starts with two people meeting accidentally in a shop in New York. They both want to buy the same pair of gloves for their respective partners, but end up in taking one piece each. Sara, is a girl who believes in destiny and thinks that if something is ought to happen it will happen irrespective of our wish and efforts to avoid it. Jonathan on the other hand is a person who is very pragmatic in his approach towards life and believes that we can choose anything in our life as per our wish.

The same evening they spend some time with each other and soon develop a kind of magical attraction towards each other. Before they part ways, Jonathan asks Sara’s name, but she doesn’t replies and says, if they are meant to meet again they will meet again without having to know each other. She asks Jonathan to write his name and number on a $5 note and gives it to some shop keeper. Jonathan too insists her to do something like this, so Sara writes her name and number on a book and tells him to find this book on a used book store. Jonathan asks which one and she says you got to find this . Then they decide to wait for the next meeting till Jonathan gets that book and Sara gets that note.


Years pass by and it’s 2001, seven years since they met, Jonathan and Sara are living a happy life with their lovers whom they are going to get married soon. But, destiny has something else for both of them. Just days before they are about to settle in their lives with their partners, they both decide to give a one last chance to find each other. Sara comes to New York in search of that stranger whom she met in 1994. In this search, she is assisted by her friend Eve (Molly Shannon).

Jonathan too starts searching for Sara’s name and finally finds about her, but he lose hope when he discovers Sara’s sister making love to her boyfriend in Sara’s residence. He mistakenly thinks that it is Sara in the house and now it’s time to forget about her as she seems enjoying her life and it’s in his and his girlfriend’s interest to get married and settle down in New York. But, serendipity again happens as Sara finds the $5 bill. To learn what happens thereafter and how the  whole drama unfolds, I suggest you to watch it yourself.

My Favorite Characters of The Movie:

Jonathan Trager (John Cusack): John as Jonathan is looking great in this movie. Being on of the two central characters in the movie, John Cusack has performed it to perfection. He is looking very lively and his body language as well as acting is just fantastic. John has played many romantic roles in his life and the character of Jonathan Trager is certainly one to remember . His on-screen chemistry with Kate Beckinsale is worth watching as they both are looking beautiful together.

Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale): Kate as Sara is a real surprise package for me in Serendipity movie. I have become accustomed of watching Kate in leading role as a vampire in Underworld movie series. This is the first time, I am seen her in a romantic role and to my surprise she has is flawless in this film. She is looking very sweet and beautiful; and her body language as well as acting is great as you expect from her. Kate always delivers her best in any role she does and I am a huge fan of her. It’s very strange to believe that despite having such a sweet tone and a charming beautiful face why Kate Beckinsale has not done many romantic roles? May be because she is equally good in action roles that have turned her into the star that she is today.

My Rating and Verdict of This Movie:

I have rated it 9/10, because of it’s nice script and good, soothing music. The casting too is remarkable and everyone has given their best. Alan Silvestri’s heart-touching music gives a never to forget romantic feel to you!

Forget the logic behind this film and it’s story-line, just sit on your couch for one and a half hour and enjoy this nice romantic film. I am sure you will enjoy the every moment of it. If you have a longing for romantic movies, then Serendipity will be an absolute delight for you.

Moreover, if you are a fan of John Cusack or Kate Beckinsale like me, then don’t miss this flick, in my view this is among the best movies of both these stalwarts.