Na Maloom Afraad Movie

Na Maloom Afraad – A Movie Review

September 24, 2016 Absar Ahmad 0

Na Maloom Afraad features an ensemble cast consisting of heavyweights like Javed Sheikh and Fahad Mustafa. The film is basically a comedy drama affair that holds your attention from the very first scene till the last one. The story might not be a great one, but it draws attention to the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi…

The Brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom – Movie Review

September 15, 2016 Absar Ahmad 0

Unexpectedly, The Brothers Bloom offered me plenty to write about. I am sure many of you too like me have never heard of this 2008 Hollywood Movie…

Directed by Rian Johnson, The Brothers Bloom has some quality acting, intriguing script, competitive screenplay and a very pleasing soundtrack.