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Disco Polo – Movie Review

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English Title – Disco Polo
Direction – Maciej Bochniak
Country – Poland
Language – Polish
Releasing Year – 2015
Genre – Comedy

Disco Polo Storyline

It’s the 1990’s and Poland is free again. Everything is possible. Two young boys, Tomek (Dawid Ogrodnik) and Rudy (Piotr Głowacki) are decided to become the next stars of the entertainment industry, particularly the “Disco Polo” music genre in Poland. For doing so, they’re decided to meet the eccentric music manager Daniel Polak (Tomasz Kot), who incarnates by himself the music preferences of all Polish people.

Everything will go very nice when they sign the contract and a huge success is arising in their careers with their new band named as “Laser.” He buys colorful and shiny new clothes, drinks the most bubbly sparklings at nightclubs, he is surrounded by beautiful girls and even acquires a very classy yacht. Then he realizes he has fallen in love with Anka/Gensonina (Joanna Kulig), another artist of Polak’s music company … and Polak’s girlfriend too! So they start having an affair until Polak has suspicions of what is going on.

The film’s best essence can be concentrated in this moment, where Tomek has to decide if he loses himself to money and girls betraying not only his own manager, but the spirit and base of the fans who have supported him. Since there’s a political agreement between Polak and his partner, in which another music band, “Atomic”, should be always on the top of the list, Tomek should decide on how to balance the concerts and the complexes of being always the second-placed. “Laser” will find a way on how to beat those obstacles and demonstrate everybody the talents which can make him be at the top.

Disco Polo Movie Review

Despite the typical cliché of young people trying to acquire the American dream, with money and fame and taking the beautiful girl to bed, I think this film has something more to think about on. First of all, the desire of Tomek for being a better singer and growing in his career. Second, it shows the impressive hunger of success in Poland during those revolutionary years. Third, the importance which Polish people give to faithfulness and loyalty over all what I’ve previously mentioned. Fourth, it shows a kind of “Leviathan” shadow in some Polish minds in which there are any type of conspiracy theories, for everything, just not to let you be and enjoy who you actually are.

The film’s photography is hyper-colorful and the music is so vivid that it invites you to watch this production as a genuine belated jewel of Disco Polo, the 90’s Polish urban-folk music by excellence.


Simmba – Movie Review

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Simmba – Yet Another OTT Filmy Movie

Rohit Shetty yet again brings us an over the top filmy movie with the charming and witty Ranveer Singh in the title role #Simmba. Multi starrer and the many extras in the fight and dance sequences is typical of a Shetty film.

Once again Ranveer proves his versatility with his acting skill and accents. Sara Ali Khan is totally under utilised as Shagun and seems to be full of potential in both acting and dancing talent and her sense of couture is bang on.

Sonu Sood as the villain is almost human until his younger brothers go overboard with their greed and egos. Ashutosh Rana and Ranveer’s bond and emotional scenes are pretty much the highlight.

Thumping Signature Tunes

Signature tunes are thumping but the music doesn’t make an impact neither does bringing K’Jo or the star cast of Golmaal into a song sequence. The social message is strong, especially the much needed ‘Teach your sons to respect women’ and ‘Instead of girls parents, it’s the rapists who should be frightened’.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

Extorsion, encounters and herd mentality is pictured well but two wrongs do not make a right. Showing the lawmakers break laws in the final act doesn’t sit right and that’s not a solution to bringing justice to rape victims.

Bringing in Singham was not at all a surprise but adding a preview of Akshay in forthcoming Sooryavanshi sure is.

3 Stars Exclusively For Ranveer!

Reviewed By: Shyamala Nawab

Image Source: Simmba Official Facebook Page

Andhadhun Movie Review

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Andhadhun movie director Sriram Raghavan and editor Pooja Ladha Surti bring us a thriller with an open ending that leaves you guessing and wanting to know more. Definitely out of the box, Andhadhun is a movie that will fit descriptions of being a crime thriller, laugh out loud comedy and an absurd, brutal movie.

Well Plotted Crimes, Beautiful Music & Blind man’s View:

By now we all know Ayushmann Khurrana, is a blind man and his passion is to be a better pianist. The ray of sunshine with one liners of perfect timing is Radhika Apte. The surprise element is Tabu as a sensual, wannabe actress married to a star of yesteryears, Anil Dhawan. Buff and fit Manav Vij is refreshing as the inspector not at all shown in a cliched way. You do wish the charming and attractive Ashwini Kalsekar had more than the small role she plays though. You almost cheer when Zakir Hussain as the unethical doctor gets his due.

The crimes have been planned and plotted well. Shot with no faults and scenes flow from one to next beautiful scene leaving you literally gasping. You go in and out of shots seeing what the blind man can’t see but knowing the actor is acting and yet wonder at the poker face. You are constantly breaking out in a sweat or laughing. The dialogues are crisp and you feel empathy even for the greedy little boy, Kabir Sajid.

The tale is well spun and you are completely caught up in the web. The twist of stealing organs for transplant seems unnecessary. The saving grace is that you are spared the throbbing music that usually accompanies a drama of this magnitude. Instead you are treated to some beautiful music on the piano and the Andhadhun movie has a soundtrack with ten great numbers you will want to hum.

What you come away agreeing is that karma sure is a bitch and happy that justice is served in the end.

Reviewed by: Shyamala Nawab

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review

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Small Indian towns making a come back in a big way with recent Hindi movies showing us more of the rural life. Director Sharat Katariya under the YRF banner brings us the struggle of the artisans with alternate careers when the traditional crafts of the handloom industry die.

More Than Needle & Thread For The Aam Admi 

Varun Dhawan, Mauji, a skilled artist revives the traditional yarn spinning to handloom weaving to fabric dyeing and competes to bring back to fashion that which is truly Indian. It is evident that Varun has put in a lot to get the skills right as you get totally absorbed in the act. His posture and even his walk is so apt for the role. Simplicity with the tag line ‘sab badhiya heh’ with the special Varun charm is Mauji’s USP.

Anushka Sharma as Mamta, Mauji’s wife, is the complacent ‘bahu’ until she witnesses her husband entertaining his bosses’ family which is downright insulting. Mamta in her simple synthetic sarees, bangles and pallu on head realises there has to be dignity in labour and subtly urges Mauji to revive his heritage skills.

However Anushka doesn’t seem to have been overtaken by the role and strangely falls short. Her constant expression is more like a grimace sadly.

Raghuvir Yadav has portrayed the quintessential disgruntled father, all he wants is a steady respectable living for his family. Yamini Dass, the mother wins your heart with her obsession to run her simple home. Her hospitalisation is what sets Mauji on his tailoring business. Namit Das as the con man and Govind Pandey as the brother make their mark.

Mitti Ki Khushboo

What’s impressive is the detailing of simplicity, Mauji’s home, the charpai on the chhat, the achar bottles and even the rubble. The neighbourhood in the outskirts and commute to Delhi for work. The soundtrack is earthy and rustic enough to blend in.  Love how all things Indian are put together for Mauji’s fashion show finale where the artisans themselves walk the ramp to beat the fashion world at their own game!

Image source: Koimoi

Reviewed by: Shyamala Nawab