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Last Knights – Movie Review

Movie: Last Knights

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Language: English

Genre: Drama, History, Action, Adventure

Last Knights Movie Review:

Kazuaki Kiriya may  not have directed a “great” film till now, but still Last Knights in my view is an entertaining one. Last Knights boasts a long list of promising actors from different countries. It has a good, if not the  best plot for a Medieval History based movie. The background score is fine, not something I will talk about specifically as I normally do. Last Knight has twists and turns that are just enough to make you feel good about it. Talking about the “Critical Appreciation”, I think Last Knights is very harshly dealt by the critics all over the world. This movie is not bad as its ratings are by the critics. I have seen far worse movies than this and they have decent ratings too from the critics.

Last Knights Movie Still
                                 Last Knights Movie Still

Anyways, let’s talk about the storyline of Last Knights. This film is nothing but a story of HONOR, first lost and then regained. Talking of honor as “everything” in this age may sound little absurd, but there was indeed a time when honor was a very valuable thing for people. Commander Raiden (Clive Owen) loses his master Lord Bartok (Morgan Freeman). Actually, Raiden himself has to behead his master (This is something you guys need to find out why?). After it, on the orders of the Emperor (Peyman Moaadi), the Bartok lands are being confiscated by the empire and Raiden alongside many Bartok clan people has to leave his home. All this happened because of a greedy minister Geeza Mott (Aksel Hennie) who wanted to make himself rich by asking bribes from all the vassal states of the empire which Lord Bartok opposed public for which he had to pay a heavy price.

The movie moves forward when Gizza Mott becomes obsessed with Raiden, that he is not going to sit idle and will take his vengeance. For over a year he follows Raiden and his fellow legionnaires, but after getting no indication of him planning an attack decides to leave this issue. In the meantime, Gizza Mott has fortified his palace with more security than even the emperor himself.

Now, comes an interesting twist in the plot when it is revealed that for over a year Raiden and his followers are actually acting to “deceive” Gizza Mott and his men knowing that they are being watched every second throughout the day. And, now when they have finally outwitted their enemy. It is time to launch an offensive, I am not revealing its details as it is something very interesting and to me the “USP” of Last Knights. After a gruesome battle at the palace of Gizza Mott who has now become the first council to the emperor commander Raiden kills him. After this Raiden surrenders himself to the Emperor. When the Emperor (after consulting the nobility) declares Bartok rebels as National Heroes but announces that the act of violence against the first council is similar to the attack against the Emperor himself and, therefore, the leader i.e. Commander Raiden must be put to death. The movie ends with Raiden on his knees ready for his punishment of getting behead and suddenly there is a flashback….

Last Knights
                                           Last Knights Movie Still

My Verdict & Rating of Last Knights:

I gave this film 7 out of 10 only. The reason is that if Last Knights had to become an epic it must have been much longer than what it is. Everything is done very well, but then suddenly you feel that it could have been done in a more detailed manner, especially the later part of the story. One more thing was not very convincing about Last Knights was its music and background score that wasn’t great as I always expect from a Medieval History theme-based film. But, in any manner, this is not a “bad movie” at all as many of the leading movie critics want us to believe. I strongly recommend it to every history genre movie lover and I am dead sure you all will love it. It has its own share of twists and turns, although I agree that story is not that strong. The last thing I want to mention especially for the History Lovers is that this movie has nothing to do with history. Last Knights is purely a work of fiction, so don’t relate it to anything in history just watch it and enjoy it.

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Liar Liar – Movie Review

Movie: Liar Liar

Year: 1997

Country of Origin: USA

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Liar Liar Movie Review:

Liar Liar is a wonderfully written and equally well-directed movie. Jim Carrey delivers a noteworthy performance in Liar Liar. This film is full of comedy and some great to watch acting by nearly all the actors. Fletcher and Audrey are a separated couple with a 5-year-old son named Max. Although, Fletcher loves his son too much, but because of his busy schedule (as he is a famous lawyer) he is being unable to spend quality time with his son. Max, knows that his dad is a “Liar” (as Fletcher very often lies, something very much associated with his profession) and that he never keeps his promise. He is so much hurt about this fact that he actually wishes to God that “for whole one day his dad couldn’t lie”, on the eve of his birthday when Fletcher instead of being with him is busy somewhere else. To the misfortune of Fletcher, this wish of his son comes true when he is about to fight a “career changing” case of his life.

Here, starts the real drama of the film and I am not going to ruin it for you guys by explaining details of it. As it will be really fantastic for you all to watch some hilarious and mind-boggling stuff on-screen. The main plot of the movie revolves around that “ONE DAY” where despite trying his level best, Fletcher is not able to lie to anyone, including his long time secretary Greta.

Liar Liar Pics
Liar Liar Movie Still.

Everything seems lost for him, but through his wit and luck he wins that case. After that he runs immediately to the airport to see his son (as Max is going to another place with his mother) and say sorry to him for all those days he lied to him and neglected promises made to him. Finally, Audrey too understands that Fletcher is not lying this time and the family once again is back together enjoying life. Liar Liar ends when Max is celebrating his next birthday and this time Fletcher himself asking him to make a wish…

Liar Liar Pics
 Liar Liar Movie Still.

My Verdict & Rating of the film:

I have rated Liar Liar 9/10, as there’s no reason for it to deserve anything less than this. Throughout the film I really laughed too much especially seeing Jim doing what he does best i.e. making all sort of funny postures, faces and making some hilarious gestures. Liar Liar is a delightful film for all Jim Carrey lovers. I would highly recommend Liar Liar to anyone and everyone who loves comedy.

Thanks so much for reading this review and stay tuned for lots of new “World Movie Reviews” coming your way..!

Killing Me Softly – Movie Review

Movie: Killing Me Softly

Year: 2002

Country of Origin: USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

Killing Me Softly Movie Review:

From somewhere I learnt about this movie and decided to see it and now I am writing a review of it. To be frank I am not at all impressed with this film. It lacked in many departments except “visual representation of sex” between the two lead characters. Killing Me Softly is an erotic thriller that doesn’t appeal at all to me. It is based on the novel of the same name by Nicci French with many changes. The story is okay but the execution is not that great. Now lets discuss about the plot of Killing Me Softly, Alice is an American who works in London and lives with Jake. Her life is very nice and she is happy with all she has, including Jake. One day Alice meets a “MYSTERIOUS” man (Adam) and goes with him to his home (which later turned out his sister’s). They make love there and after that Alice leaves only to come back next day again. She kind of gets fascinated by him and decides to leave Jack for him. Later on Alice and Adam gets married to each other. Things get a big turn when Alice starts getting letters from a stranger with weird things related to Adam.

Out of fear as wells as curiosity Alice tires to investigate about those letters only to find out that Adam has a “secret” past that involves many women. The rest is something you must find yourself if you decide to watch Killing Me Softly. The film ends when Alice finds out that Deborah (Adam’s sister) hates any woman who comes close to his brother because they had an “incestuous” relationship when they were young.

My Verdict & Rating of Killing Me Softly:

I rated Killing me softly 5/10. The reason is I didn’t like the story although the acting is good and Joseph Fiennes and Heather Graham have performed well. One “appreciable” aspect of Killing Me Softly was its background score that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am embedding the soundtrack playlist below my review for you all to enjoy and I am sure you will love it. Overall, I would suggest to avoid this film unless you don’t have anything better than this. But, on the other hand giving the fact that this is not a typical erotic thriller there is a chance that many people might like it too much. Because it has some good quality acting by the lead stars as well as some heart pounding steamy scenes. Now the ball is in your court to decide….! See you all till my next review.

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You Don’t Mess With The Zohan – Movie Review

Movie – You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

Year – 2008

Country of Origin – USA

Languages – English (Mainly), Arabic (Few Dialogues)

Genre – Comedy

Zohan Review:

Whenever there is a movie about Israel and Palestinian conflict all one could imagine is a serious drama full of emotions and hatred for each other. But, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is a totally different one from the established norms when it comes to movies featuring this “eternal” conflict on the big screen. It is a great to watch comedy stuff which is of course, very nonsensical and absurd. The film features Adam Sandler in the main role of Zohan (an Israeli combat commando) who is without doubt the best in the world. With Adam Sandler in a movie your expectations go so much high and one always expect a good quality comedy and humorous stuff from him. And, Adam hardly fails to deceive us. In this movie too he has been at his best. Zohan is a story of a guy who is the best in “killing” business and highly valued by his country. But, deep down in his heart he has another dream to fulfill. Zohan wants to be a “Hairstylist” and tells his parents about his will to leave the army and going to America to become a great hairstylist. One day while fighting his nemesis Phantom (a Palestinian militant) Zohan fakes his own death and secretly leaves the country for New York.

Zohan telling his parents about his dream of becoming a “Hairstylist”…

In New York, Zohan completely changes his get-up and tries to get a job at a salon. After many attempts he finally gets a job at a struggling salon owned by a young Palestinian woman named Dalia (Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui)Slowly Zohan makes a huge fan base of his and the salon starts getting huge customers. Everything is going well in Zohan’s life until one day someone recognizes him and informs Phantom about him being alive. Now what will he do? That’s the stuff you guys need to find out yourself..! The film ends on a peaceful note when Phantom and Zohan fights the enemies of “peace” together and the Israeli and Palestinian communities of New York accepts each other’s existence amicably.

Zohan & Phantom taking on the enemies together..!

My Verdict & Rating of The Movie:

I have rated this film 7/10, I could have given it a better rating had it been a little short in length. The movie drags for about 2 hours which is a bit too much keeping in mind that it don’t really have a significant story. Still it is a nice movie to watch and if you too love seeing Adam Sandler as much as I do then you can’t miss this film. The film has many ‘sarcastic” scenes and dialogues that defines the Israeli-Palestinian relations. Zohan gives an important “message” to the world that in the fight of two neighbors the third always benefits. This movie also gives a solution to the conflict and that is to live in peace “accepting each other right to exist”. In my view one should watch this movie for some awesome acting by Adam  Sandler and the rest of the cast.


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