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Doctor Strange Movie Review – Discovering the unexplored dimensions of this Multiverse…!

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Movie: Doctor Strange                                            Release Year: 2016

Country: U.S.A                                                       Language: English

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Movie Review “Doctor Strange”-2016:

Directed by Scott Derrickson, Doctor Strange is a 2016 Hollywood film based on the famous comic character of 1960s-70s. The film has an impressive cast that includes:

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange (The main protagonist)

Rachel McAdams as Dr. Christine Palmer

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo (Dr. Strange’s Partner and Teacher)

Benedict Wong as Wong

Tilda Swinton as (The Ancient One, Sorcerer Supreme Protecting the earth from other world’s harms)

Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius (Main Villain former disciple of The Ancient One)

Michael Giacchino has given the music and Ben Davis is the cinematographer of Doctor Strange. The film deserves all the accolades for the use of latest technology. You will get the best experience of it watching at IMAX. Although, I watched in normal 3D and really enjoyed it. The editing is awesome and all the fighting and chasing sequences are just a treat to you eyes. The opening scene sets the tone for what you will get to see in the next two hours. It is one of the best scenes of the film.

The background score is just perfect what we expect in a superhero movie. One goes to see a fantasy film to get entertained and Doctor Strange offers plenty of it. With Benedict Cumberbatch there is a subtle humor in it too that makes us laugh promptly.

Coming to acting as you can expect with seasoned actors in the movie Doctor Strange has quality acting. The roles are very defined for each character. I loved Benedict and Tilda, the most among all. These two British actors have proven once again why they are as good as anyone in the industry. Rachel at 37, is still as cute and charming as she was a decade ago. Mads Mikkelsen too has done a good job, so as Chiwetel Ejiofor with his great dialogues. And last, but not the least Dr. Strange’s “Cloak of Levitation” adds more charm to his personality.


Dr. Stephen Strange is a world-famous Neurosurgeon, he is a good man who loves living a king size life, but is full of arrogance and proud. He meets an accident that makes his hand “kind of paralyzed”. Despite, all the treatments he is unable to recover fully. Then, he came to know about a man who recovered from a serious (incurable) spinal cord history. His searches for him and asks his secret.

This leads him to Kamar-Ta in Kathmandu, Nepal. There he meets Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who leads him to Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One). Here, Doctor Strange discovers secrets and powers that he was unaware of or he never believed in. Being a bright student he learns quickly and more than he was supposed to. Al this makes him inevitably to become a part of an age-old war between Dormammu (The Dark Lord/Dark Dimension) and the saviors of earth.  With Kaecilius, in possession of something that can destroy earth Doctor Strange has little time to prevent it.

Will he save the Earth? Or His arrogance and rationality don’t allow him to do it? Watch it guys.. You will love it.

My Verdict & Rating:

There’s hardly anything bad or not so good about Doctor Strange, so it gets a 9/10 from me. It is a movie that all fantasy movie lovers of all age would love thoroughly. A must watch, if you haven’t watched it yet. A piece of advice, “don’t leave your seats till the end credits are finished”…!

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” Review – An Entertaining & Adventurous Journey With Ricky Baker

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Movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople                              Release Year: 2016 (Worldwide)

Country: New Zealand                                               Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Adventure

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Movie Review:

After reading about its success and praises showered by the critics to its director. I decided to watch Hunt For The Wilderpeople and for once the praises were right. Directed by Taiku Waititi, Hunt For The Wilderpeople is a much sought breather of a cinema in today’s movie world. The film despite having few characters and very limited storyline is a good piece of cinema to watch.

Aunt Bella Embracing Little Ricky To Her Home.

There are many aspects in the movie that grabbed my attention such as high quality acting by the protagonists (specially Julian Dennison), great picturization showing the audience New Zealand’s enchanting countryside landscape, some Māori inspired music, couple of nice songs and yes “Haiku”. As for what’s a “Haiku” means it will be more interesting for you guys to find it out yourself after seeing the film.

At the time of writing this review this film has already become the highest grossing New Zealand movie of all time in the country. Not surprisingly, it is still playing worldwide so it will garner more money in coming weeks. That will make it more successful commercially than already it is now. The film’s director Taiku Wakiti is already in the news for being chosen by Marvel to direct Thor: Regnarok (2017). Well, only time will tell how he does that job.

Now coming back to Hunt for the Wilderpeople let’s see what’s the movie is about?


The film is beautifully divided into 10 chapters that makes it interesting to watch. It feels as if you are reading the book in an animated way. Ricky Becker is a 13-year-old fat kid. He is troublesome and notorious. Child Welfare Services (For whom he is a real “Bad Egg”) chooses a new home for him where he meets a kind-hearted woman Bella (who asks him to call her aunt even though she isn’t his aunt really). Bella’s husband a former convict Hec (Sam Neill) isn’t much happy with her decision to adopt Ricky to live with them. Unfortunately, for Ricky things get worse when Bella dies and Uncle Hec asks him to go back to the welfare department. But, Ricky is not ready to go back that juvenile center and is adamant to live with Hec.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Julian Dennison as Ricky Baker in Hunt for the Wilderpeople

There is a kind of animosity between two and the adventure begins when they are forced to work and live together while the whole country is after them. This part of the film is really watchful and appeals to you emotionally in a very subtle humorous way. It shows different shades of humanity as Ricky who is an orphan just want to live free of state’s interference and Paula (the officer) is unwavering in her pursuit of him. Her dialogue “Not a Single Child Left Behind” conveys multiple meaning to the audience depending how you want to interpret it.

In the end, after trying his best Ricky and Hec has to lose against the government authorities. The army finds them and Hec is sent to a jail. While Ricky is send back to the welfare department. But, Ricky gets a new home and he goes to Hec asking him to accompany for another adventure this time not to run away from the authorities, but to find the supposedly extinct “Huia” bird that they saw in the jungle. Hec gladly agrees and the two goes to jungle again.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Sam Neill and Julian Dennison in Hunt for the Wilderpeople

My Verdict and Rating:

Hunt for the Wilderpeople gets 8/10 from me because of the awesome acting by young Julian Dennison and some awesome portrayal of New Zealand’s exquisite beauty. If you are looking to see some cool adventure stuff, then go for it. This is a good piece of cinema that every movie lover will love. So, don’t wait anymore and watch Hunt for the Wilderpoeple ASAP..!

The Brothers Bloom – Movie Review

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Movie: The Brothers Bloom                   Release Year: 2008

Country: U.S.A                           Genre: Adventure, Drama, Comedy

Language: English (Mainly), Few Dialogues in Czech & Russian


The Brothers Bloom Movie Review

While researching Mark Ruffalo’s career, I came across this film. Read a synopsis of it and thought to give it a go. Unexpectedly, The Brothers Bloom offered me plenty to write about. I am sure many of you too like me have never heard of this 2008 Hollywood Movie.

Directed by Rian Johnson, this movie has some quality acting, intriguing script, competitive screenplay and a very pleasing soundtrack.

The movie stars Mark Ruffalo as Stephen, Adrien Brody as Bloom and Rachel Weisz as Penelope. It will not be false, if I say all these three actors have performed to perfection. Anyways, they are recognized actors and anything less would be considered well below their standards.

But, there’s one more character in The Brothers Bloom that caught my instant attention. Yes, I am talking about Rinko Kikuchi as Bang Bang. The name itself is very funny. She is just appreciable with her awesome acting. Having said this, I also want to tell you guys that in the whole movie she has not spoken a single word. Nope! You got it wrong. She is not playing dumb or deaf, but it was her role’s requirement that made her do the talking with her face and body language.


Now let’s see what the movie is all about. This film has a simple and normal story, but yet it grabs your attention mainly because of acting and screenplay.

Stephen & Bloom are brothers who have none but each other in this world. Since, childhood they have become “con men” that leads then from one place to another and one danger to other other across the world.

When Bloom asks Stephen that he wanted to leave this line (profession) and live an ‘unwritten life’. Stephen asks him for just one last “con”. This makes them travel the world and Bloom falling for his prey Rachel Weisz.

Will The Brothers Bloom succeed in this last act together? Or not is the main plot of the movie.

Here and there different characters come up in the film and it goes smoothly. There’s not a bump in the storyline.

The ending although is both traumatic and rejuvenating. Depending upon the way you perceive it.

My Rating & Verdict of This Movie:

In my view The Brothers Bloom deserves a rating of 8 out of 10. I will recommend cinema lovers to watch this one for sure. Mark, Adrien, Rachel and Renko are just fabulous to watch.

Without doubt this is a slow paced movie, but then that’s too is a beauty of it.

Dhanak Movie Review

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Movie: Dhanak                                      Release Year: 2016

Country: India (Bollywood)                 Language: Hindi (Rajasthani Dialect)

Genre: Adventure, Drama


Dhanak Movie Review:

I have not watched many of Nagesh Kukunoor‘s films, but I have great respect for his kind of cinema. When a friend shared the trailer of Dhanak I couldn’t wait to watch it.

Dhanak Storyline:

It’s a road film where 2 kids travel through rural Rajasthan to meet Shah Rukh Khan. The lead pair – sister Hetal Gadda and brother Krrish Chhabria are both a treat to watch. Hetal Gada as Pari is very convincing as the elder sister – simple, caring, protecting and also cursing the little brother at times. Krrish Chhabria plays the younger blind brother and oh boy! He’s a rock star. He has too much spunk for someone who’s blind, but it’s so entertaining that you don’t complain.

The chemistry between the two and their constant banter makes you believe they are really siblings. There is no doubt that they care deeply for each other yet there is not one mushy moment between the two, their love for each other shines through their playful leg pulling and teasing – typical of most sibling relationships.

During their adventurous journey the kids meet a variety of people on their way, make new friends, fall prey to a trick, get sick but it all ends well. Even though the situations and people are too good to be true in real life, you want to believe in them.

You want someone to offer food to the hungry kids, someone to be kind to them, someone to save them when they are in trouble and someone to make their wish come true. Nagesh Kukunoor has beautifully captured the innocence of the children, whether it’s how easily they trust strangers or how they dream about building a house of sweets or how the boy is perpetually hungry and not ashamed of asking a stranger for ghewar (a sweet famous in Rajasthan).

There is a fair share of humor in the film, partly contributed by the conversations and partly by the characters. The film stands true to its name (Dhanak means Rainbow) with the colorful details such as Bullet Baba shrine which thrives on offerings of liquor bottles, a Godwoman who confesses she was an aspiring actress before switching ‘careers’, an opportunist who makes money by letting people take a selfie with the selfie he took with the superstar; all adding to the fun element.

The delight in the girl’s eyes in the last scene makes you forget you are watching a film. There’s too much sincerity in those eyes.

Dhanak Verdict:

Overall, Dhanak is a feel good film, infused with Kukunoor’s trademark elements of love and friendship. I enjoyed watching it immensely and am sure others will find it as entertaining.

Reviewed By: Aparna Kunal Jain

She manages a Facebook Group called “The Movie Club“…!