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Michiel de Ruyter – Movie Review

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Movie: Michiel de Ruyter

English Title: Admiral

Year: 2015

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Language: Dutch (Mainly), English, French (Few Dialogues Only)

Genre: Drama, History, Biography, Action

Michiel de Ruyter Movie Review:

Directed by  Roel Reiné Michiel de Ruyter is a fantastic and very truth based history drama movie that appeals to your senses. The visual effects and background score are exceptionally good. And the most important thing about Michiel de Ruyter is its story. From the start till the last scene of the film you will feel like immersed in this biopic drama.

Michiel de Ruyter
                         Michiel de Ruyter Movie Still

Michiel de Ruyter is based on the famous 17th century Dutch admiral named Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter. The movie also tells the strong role that the then Grand Pensionary (Equivalent to Prime Minister) Johan de Witt played in the politics of the young Dutch Republic. One of the best things of Michiel de Ruyter Movie is its historical accuracy. I personally read about the politics and the history of that time and found this film very much according to the historical records.

Michiel de Ruyter Movie Story:

It’s early 17th century and the Dutch Republic is still in early stage of its establishment. The Dutch merchant ships are getting constant trouble by the Britishers and the French too are not very friendly towards the Dutch. The country from inside is divided into “Orangists” and “Republicans”. After a tough tussle of power Republicans gets a hold on the politics

Michiel de Ruyter
                               Michiel de Ruyter Movie Still

and they appoint Johan de Witt as their Prime Minister. Johan is a good politicians who wants his country to be united and self-dependent. But he can’t do that alone, here comes our HERO of the movie, Michiel de Ruyter. After so much insistence by Johan de Witt Michiel de Ruyter agrees to accept the post of ADMIRAL and subsequently gets Johan to accept his proposal of modernizing the Dutch Navy Fleet. He then defeats the British and French fleets in tough sea battles. He even carries out an unexpected raid at Chatham in England on the orders of Johan de Witt. Everything seems good after this feat by the Dutch and English are on the negotiation table, but the Orangists under the shrewd Johan Kievit nurtures a plan to stop Republicans from becoming more powerful and popular. While the Michiel de Ruyter Under false allegations of treason  Cornelis de Witt (Johan de Witt’s brother) is arrested and brutally tortured. When Johan de Witt comes to visit his brother in the prison a large and violent “organized” mob assassinates the de Witt brothers and brutally mutilates their bodies. Michiel de Ruyter sees this and is shocked as well as angry with himself that he couldn’t reach on time.

Michiel de Ruyter
                        Michiel de Ruyter Movie Still

The whole country is in turmoil and on the verge of a Civil War when the French invades from the South seizing territories from the Dutch. The Prince of Orange, William – III  keeps his belief in Michiel de Ruyter and gives him the responsibility of fighting the French. Michieal de Ruyter, this time with Cornelis Tromp (whom he had dismissed from the post of Vice-Admiral) again saves his country and people. After returning from this battle he resigns from the post of Admiral, but the Prince of Orange (William – III) sends him for one last mission to the Mediterranean sea. This time Michiel de Ruyter is not successful and with a relatively inferior navy fleet gets defeated. He also dies in his ship when a cannon ball struck one of his legs. In the end he has been shown given a state funeral while the Prince of Orange saying, “now the Orangists and Republicans are all together for one man’s funeral. I couldn’t have done it”….

My Verdict & Rating of The Movie:

I rated Michiel de Ruyter a flat 10 on 10, there’s hardly anything missing in this film. It has action, drama, adventure, great acting, superb music, and some breath-taking dialogues on nationalism. Above all, there is truth in the film that we all expect from a biopic movie. I would recommend it to everyone who loves cinema and likes to know a little bit of history of other nations National Heroes. I am sure throughout 150 mins you will never feel a dull moment in Michiel de Ruyter. I am embedding the whole Soundtrack of this movie below. This is one of the best soundtracks of all time that I have listened to.

Image Credit: Official Website of the movie.

Killing Me Softly – Movie Review

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Movie: Killing Me Softly

Year: 2002

Country of Origin: USA

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

Killing Me Softly Movie Review:

From somewhere I learnt about this movie and decided to see it and now I am writing a review of it. To be frank I am not at all impressed with this film. It lacked in many departments except “visual representation of sex” between the two lead characters. Killing Me Softly is an erotic thriller that doesn’t appeal at all to me. It is based on the novel of the same name by Nicci French with many changes. The story is okay but the execution is not that great. Now lets discuss about the plot of Killing Me Softly, Alice is an American who works in London and lives with Jake. Her life is very nice and she is happy with all she has, including Jake. One day Alice meets a “MYSTERIOUS” man (Adam) and goes with him to his home (which later turned out his sister’s). They make love there and after that Alice leaves only to come back next day again. She kind of gets fascinated by him and decides to leave Jack for him. Later on Alice and Adam gets married to each other. Things get a big turn when Alice starts getting letters from a stranger with weird things related to Adam.

Out of fear as wells as curiosity Alice tires to investigate about those letters only to find out that Adam has a “secret” past that involves many women. The rest is something you must find yourself if you decide to watch Killing Me Softly. The film ends when Alice finds out that Deborah (Adam’s sister) hates any woman who comes close to his brother because they had an “incestuous” relationship when they were young.

My Verdict & Rating of Killing Me Softly:

I rated Killing me softly 5/10. The reason is I didn’t like the story although the acting is good and Joseph Fiennes and Heather Graham have performed well. One “appreciable” aspect of Killing Me Softly was its background score that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am embedding the soundtrack playlist below my review for you all to enjoy and I am sure you will love it. Overall, I would suggest to avoid this film unless you don’t have anything better than this. But, on the other hand giving the fact that this is not a typical erotic thriller there is a chance that many people might like it too much. Because it has some good quality acting by the lead stars as well as some heart pounding steamy scenes. Now the ball is in your court to decide….! See you all till my next review.

Check out the Killing Me Softly Full Soundtrack Playlist Here:

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You Don’t Mess With The Zohan – Movie Review

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Movie – You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

Year – 2008

Country of Origin – USA

Languages – English (Mainly), Arabic (Few Dialogues)

Genre – Comedy

Zohan Review:

Whenever there is a movie about Israel and Palestinian conflict all one could imagine is a serious drama full of emotions and hatred for each other. But, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is a totally different one from the established norms when it comes to movies featuring this “eternal” conflict on the big screen. It is a great to watch comedy stuff which is of course, very nonsensical and absurd. The film features Adam Sandler in the main role of Zohan (an Israeli combat commando) who is without doubt the best in the world. With Adam Sandler in a movie your expectations go so much high and one always expect a good quality comedy and humorous stuff from him. And, Adam hardly fails to deceive us. In this movie too he has been at his best. Zohan is a story of a guy who is the best in “killing” business and highly valued by his country. But, deep down in his heart he has another dream to fulfill. Zohan wants to be a “Hairstylist” and tells his parents about his will to leave the army and going to America to become a great hairstylist. One day while fighting his nemesis Phantom (a Palestinian militant) Zohan fakes his own death and secretly leaves the country for New York.

Zohan telling his parents about his dream of becoming a “Hairstylist”…

In New York, Zohan completely changes his get-up and tries to get a job at a salon. After many attempts he finally gets a job at a struggling salon owned by a young Palestinian woman named Dalia (Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui)Slowly Zohan makes a huge fan base of his and the salon starts getting huge customers. Everything is going well in Zohan’s life until one day someone recognizes him and informs Phantom about him being alive. Now what will he do? That’s the stuff you guys need to find out yourself..! The film ends on a peaceful note when Phantom and Zohan fights the enemies of “peace” together and the Israeli and Palestinian communities of New York accepts each other’s existence amicably.

Zohan & Phantom taking on the enemies together..!

My Verdict & Rating of The Movie:

I have rated this film 7/10, I could have given it a better rating had it been a little short in length. The movie drags for about 2 hours which is a bit too much keeping in mind that it don’t really have a significant story. Still it is a nice movie to watch and if you too love seeing Adam Sandler as much as I do then you can’t miss this film. The film has many ‘sarcastic” scenes and dialogues that defines the Israeli-Palestinian relations. Zohan gives an important “message” to the world that in the fight of two neighbors the third always benefits. This movie also gives a solution to the conflict and that is to live in peace “accepting each other right to exist”. In my view one should watch this movie for some awesome acting by Adam  Sandler and the rest of the cast.


Image Credits:,flixster, cdn.movieweb

Wrong No – Movie Review

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Movie: Wrong No                                                Year: 2015

Country of Origin: Pakistan (Lollywood)         Genre: Romance, Comedy 

Languages: Urdu (Mainly), English & Panjabi (Many Dialogues)


Wrong No Movie Review:

Pakistani Cinema is going through a “reviving phase” over the past couple of years and Wrong No is the product of this ongoing process. Yasir Nawaz has directed this film in a nice way and it proves out to be an absolute entertainer for the audience. Wrong No has a very simple and common storyline, but still with some great acting, nice music and lots of humor filled dialogues this film appeals to your senses. Wrong No tells the story of a guy called Salman (Nicknamed Sallu) (Danish Taimoor) whose aim in life is to avoid his family profession i.e. becoming a butcher and becoming a big movie star. One day Sallu gets an ultimatum from his father Haji Abba (Javed Shaikh) that if he fails to do something on his own in  one month then he will have to sit with his brothers and father in the butcher market. After this Sallu starts planning to evade this situation where he will have to obey his father.

And finally, while watching News he gets a “life altering” opportunity. He learns about a nawab’s grandson who is coming to Karachi for the first time in his life. The catch in this news was that the face of that royal heir was exactly same as Sallu’s. After this Sallu makes an impeccable plan to “switch” his place with that royal guy named Shehryar. From here the movie becomes more interesting when Shehryar is treated like Sallu while Sallu enjoys the luxurious life of a nawab. Meanwhile, there are 3 guys who have a huge loan to pay to a gangster and their only way out is kidnapping Shehryar and asking his grandfather a huge ransom. The twist comes when the gangster, Shera himself with his gang decides to kidnap Shehryar. The rest you guys needs to see yourself…I am not killing the fun for you..!

My Rating & Verdict of Wrong No:

I rated Wrong No 9/10. The reason is obvious, Wrong No is an entertaining and time pass movie that does fine in all departments. There’s no “novelty” in the story, but still Wrong No keeps you stuck on your sofas for over 2 hours. The acting by the whole cast is of not top quality, but not too bad either. One important thing that I would love to mention about Wrong No, is presence of many humorous lines that a cinema lover will definitely enjoy. Danish Taimoor, Javed Shaikh, Janita Asma, Sohai Ali Abro as well as Danish Nawaz all have done a decent job in Wrong No. The music of this film is good and refreshing I thoroughly enjoyed it while watching the movie.

Conclusion – There’s no harm in watching Wrong No, if you love comedy stuff and nonsense humor..!