A Long Way Home By Saroo Brierley – Book Review

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“A Soulful Experience”

A Long Way Home Book Review

I have always preferred to read good books. I believe there is nothing like an idea of good or bad book. You learn something out of everything you pick to read. A Long Way Home touched the strings of my heart and I personally believe it has taken my soul away. I found the story of Saroo Brierley’s miraculous and hard-hitting in its own way. His journey right from 5 year to being an adult, his struggles, his memories about his past, long last lanes of India, coming across people from different places, I would say it’s a story post reading which you won’t be the same person. I am touched to an extent I would love to meet him someday. It wasn’t just a book for me. It has been beyond an experience where I could relate to so many things knowing I have never lived life like that.
Saroo has made his efforts in the right direction and he met his biological mother and siblings. I am amazed to see even after living abroad for so many years, he had to come back to reunite with his long lost family members. As they say you never forget your roots, the place where you were born and memories attached to the places and people. There are pages reading which I felt highly sentimental especially his hunger pangs all the time as a kid. How he used to keep thinking about food and his days of survival and growing up. Flipping from one page to another, I realized I am not reading a book nor I am going to compare it with a movie later. Any which ways, I have never liked movies based on books. I have different perspective on books and nobody can ever portray the characters of the book in a cinematic way.
After such a long time, I came across such a superb book and I thank my soul friend for recommending this to me. I wasn’t just a reader for this book as I could dive into his fears and memories with soul. My respect goes high for people who have made something out of themselves. These people are surely courageous and inspiring. They are the ones who can change the way we look at our troubles. I happened to pick this book at the right time and I am glad to know Saroo’s journey.
Something I could think of:
You were never lost
You would never be
You were there
You will always be

Reviewed By: Gurpreet Dhariwal

About Gurpreet Dhariwal: I am a free soul who likes to write about anything under the skin of the sky. I always believed in myself knowing if you trust yourself, you can definitely aim for the sky. I am the courage that I seek in others no matter what!