Melbourne – Movie Review

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Movie – Melbourne                                             Original Title – (ملبورن )

Releasing Year – 2014                                       Country of Origin: Iran

Language – Farsi (Persian)                                Genre – Drama

Melbourne Movie Review:

There’s something about all the Irani movies, most of them have a very “ordinary” story-line. Yet, they always appeal your senses and make you feel more of it. Becaue they extract the “non-ordinary” from ordinary situations. Melbourne, too is one such movie. Directed by Nima Javidi, Melbourne is a movie that has a very ordinary theme. It is filmed in one flat and there’s hardly any background music/score in it. Still, this movie is worthy of watching. 

Peyman Moaadi (Amir Ali Nejati) & Negar Javaherian (Sara) are a married couple who are packing their stuff to leave Tehran for Melbourne. The movie is all about that one day and what happened on that day. Everything is going normal and usual till the neighbor’s nanny bring their infant daughter to Sara. She asks them to let the baby sleep in their home till she comes back from important work.

The couple’s supposedly happy day turn into a dark one when the husband finds that the little baby is actually not sleeping rather she is dead. Now they are in a dilemma whether the baby was brought dead to them by the nanny. Or she died in their home. After doing some research on internet both find that it may be their mistake that lead to baby’s death.

In the end, after getting no certain answer as to what happened to the girl. Amir and Sara decides to go ahead with their plan to move to Melbourne. Movie uses the girl’s death as a metaphor. The baby is dead, but no one is taking the responsibility. Neither anyone knows how’s she dead. In the end, Amir takes the girl and leaves her to a neighbor. He says to them that baby is sleeping an d when her parents come they will take her.

Melbourne Movie Rating & Verdict:

I liked the movie, but as it is very dry. I mean there’s no music that for me is an essential component of any film. So, I am rating Melbourne 7/10. This movie is being critically acclaimed all over the world. And, if you want to see some intense acting and unusual ending in a film. Then go ahead and watch this piece of Irani Cinema.

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Benny and Babloo

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Movie: Benny and Babloo

Releasing Year: 2010

Country of Origin: India (Bollywood)

Languages: Hindi Standard (Main), English (Few Dialogues Only)

Genre: Social, Comedy, Drama

Benny and Babloo Movie Review & Plot:

There’s one thing about low-budget Bollywood movies that I love the most. They have much more “related” common Indian man than those big banner films with “superstars”. Benny and Babloo, is one such film that shows the brazen “double standards” of our civil society. The film statrs with two friends named Benny (Kay Kay Menon) and Babloo (Rajpal Yadav) losing their waiter job in a small restaurant. Now, after struggling so much both get new jobs. This time at different places. Benny in a 5-star hotel and Babloo in a sleazy dance bar.

The rest of the movie revolves around their daily routine in a 5-star hotel and dance bar. Benny always teases Babloo that he is working in a dance bar where rampant “alcoholism, prostitution and other illicit activities” happen as part and parcel of daily lives. Babloo, is kind of depress with his new job and doesn’t treat the bar girls with much respect. But, over a period of time Babloo sees the everyday struggle of dance bar girls and its owner. He is touched by the stories of these girls and why and how they got into this profession.

On the other hand Benny, too discovers the other side of the 5-star hotels. He sees that prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and other illegal/criminal activities are going on without any constraint there. Benny and Babloo focuses on the fact that all the “ills” of our society are happening at all levels. It is just our double standard that we say a thing bad just because it is happening in low-class and the same thing is tolerated by us because it is happening in high-class. The film is directed as well as written by Yunus Sajawal himself.

Benny and Babloo Rating & Verdict:

I have given 9 out of 10, to Benny and Babloo. And, it deserves this rating. The movie has some good comic scenes as well as great social message underlying it. The critics too have by large accepted as an art comedy. Kay Kay Menon and Rajpal Yadav are just phenomenal as expected from them. In addition to them stars like Shweta Tiwari, Rukhsar Rehman, Natassha, and Aashif Sheikh have performed equally well their part in the film. All in all Benny and Babloo is a nice movie to watch. If you are into “low-budget” Bollywood flicks like me then this is for you.

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Les femmes de l’ombre – Movie Review

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Movie: Les femmes de l’ombre

International English Title: Female Agents

Releasing Year: 2008

Country of Origin: France

Languages: French, German & English.

Genre: War, History, Drama

Les femmes de l’ombre/Female Agents Movie Review & Plot:

Les femmes de l’ombre or Female Agents in a 2008, French World War – II, theme based movie. The movie stars some of the most talented actors from Europe such as Déborah François, Julie Depardieu, Sophie Marceau, Moritz Bleibtreu, Marie Gillain, Julien Boisselier, and Maya Sansa. Director Jean-Paul Salomé, has made this movie on the life of a real Female Agent whose extraordinary courage during German occupation of France is to be remembered forever. Now talking about the film, Les femmes de l’ombre starts with agent Louise Desfontaines, been assigned a mission alongside her brother. The mission is to go to Normandy and take an English Geologist back to England (who is there in hospital as Germans suspects him of being an English Secret Agent.

But, Louise Desfontaines is not alone in this mission. She has to recruit more Female Agents for the mission which she successfully do. Pierre Desfontaines (Louise’s Brother) is in-charge of this operation. Louise along with her team of Female Agents gets the work done and finally rescues the English Geologist from the hospital. The catch comes in the mission when it is disclosed that this is not the real mission for which the Female Agents are in France. The are now being asked to kill Col. Karl Heindrich ( A high-ranking German who i suspicious of England’s activities on its shores). The rest of the movie goes smooth and becomes interesting when Karl Heindrich  gets to arrest one of Louise’s brother and one of her associate named Gaëlle Lemenech. She tells the Germans about Louise’s plans out of fear for torture.

Louise tries to assassinate Karl at a railway station, but she fails to do so and gets arrested and later brutally tortured in front of her brother by Germans. Pierre Desfontaines decides to tell Karl Heindrich the truth to save her sister. And, in a twist it is revealed that English are helping the Americans to land on  “temporary platforms” in Normandy to fight the Nazis. Now, Heindrich is more worried than he expected and decides to go to Berlin. Louise is rescued by her associates while getting transferred from one place to another on the orders of Karl.

The climax comes when Louise finally shots Karl Heindrich, but she paid a heavy price for it. All her Female Agents are dead while executing this operation. The movie ends when Nazis surrenders to Allied Powers and Louise is seen again working as a nurse.

Les femmes de l’ombre/Female Agents Rating & Verdict:

I rated Les femmes de l’ombre 8 out of 10, because of the high-quality acting and wonderful as well as smooth direction by Jean-Paul Salomé. There are no jerks in the script and you feel engrossed to Female Agents from the start till its end. In terms of acting Les femmes de l’ombre is just too good to watch. All the characters are very well written and the actors have given their best. In my view, there’s a same theme about all World War – II, based films. That is they try to portray Nazi violence and brutality against the Europeans and boast the courage and determination of the Allied Powers in fight against the Axis powers. But, yet these all movies have a different story to tell. And, to me this is the beauty of World War based  movies. There’s always something new to be told to this World from someone…! So if, you have not seen this French master-class then go and see it now. For those who love History and War genre like me Les femmes de l’ombre is definitely a must watch film.

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Absolutely Anything Movie Review

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Movie: Absolutely Anything

Releasing Year: 2015

Country of Origin: Britain

Languages: English (Main), Some Alien (Few Dialogues Only)

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy

Absolutely Anything Movie Review & Plot:

Well I feel terribly sorry for Terry Jones for directing this film. Having said that, I didn’t mean that Absolutely Anything is a bad movie. But, this is not what we expect while knowing that it features some of the best actors of the industry. The film is based on a good “theme”, but to me it starts off well and then goes no where. Neil (Simon Pegg) is a teacher who lives a normal life, but his life suddenly takes a 360 degree change when he discovers that he is having a special power that allows him to do “Absolutely Anything” by just saying it and waving his hands. He is thrilled and excited with this new-found “power”, but the problem is that he is not sure about how and for what to use these special powers?

These special powers are nothing, but an “experimental gift” from some aliens. They claim to be the “higher beings” of the universe and are not sure about whether to destroy the earth or keep it as it is. They calls for the meeting of “Galactic Council”. And, it is decided that the council will choose a random ‘earthling’ and will bestowed on him/her the “galactic power”. This power will enable the earthling to do anything and if he/she chooses it for good purpose then the destruction of earth will be spared.

Neil gets into trouble when his love interest, Catherine’s (Kate Beckinsale) self-confessed boyfriend Grant (Rob Riggle) abducts him and tortures him to do what he wants him to do. Seeing no other option Neil complies to Grant’s wishes and does some terrible things to earth and its people. Somehow Catherine and Ray (Neil’s friend) saves him. But, Catherine stops talking to Neil knowing that it was he who forces her to love him. She is hurt as she believes love can only be done with heart not by force.

Absolutely Anything Review
Neil fails to commit suicide as his dog (Dennis) saves him…

Absolutely Anything ends when Neil tries to commit suicide (in which he fails too).  Neil then sits and talks to his dog Dennis (whom he had given the ability to talk) that he can do no good with these powers as no one loves him and he is lonely in this world.

Seeing his master sad Dennis suggests him an idea. That he should give his powers to Dennis. Neil does the same, but Dennis has other plans in his mind. Dennis makes a wish that the source of this power be destroyed forever and never come back. And, here he saves not only his master, but the Earth too. The Aliens are destroyed and Earth is now saved forever.

My Rating & Verdict of Absolutely Anything:

I have rated Absolutely Anything only 6/10 because of the weak plot and not too much comedy in it. The movie relies too much on the genius of Simon Pegg, and he as always delivers. But, the plot is not very well written and it lacks kind of “excitement” that you expect when the movie starts. Talking of the acting, I am really happy to see all the stars putting their heart into it. Kate Beckinsale is good as she is supposed to be. Sanjeev Bhaskar too is hilarious in pieces.

As per my advice to you guys, Absolutely Anything is not that much a bad movie. You can go for it, but please don’t have much expectations from it. It’s a kind of time pass one-time watch movie.

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