La chispa de la vida – Movie Review

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Movie: La Chispa De La Vida

English Title: As Luck Would Have It

Year: 2011

Country of Origin: Spain

Language: Spanish

Genre: Drama, Family

La chispa de la vida Review & Storyline:

Álex de la Iglesia‘s La chispa de la vida is a sarcastic movie. The story is well-written and beautifully presented on-screen. The movie tells the story of a man named Roberto Gomez (José Sánchez Mota), he is married with two children and his wife, Luisa (Salma Hayek) loves and supports him very much. But, everything in his life is not going good. He is unemployed for few years and now under depression because he thinks that he has done nothing for his family. Oneday, Roberto leaves home to meet an old friend about the job opportunity. There he is not treated well and his friend denies him any opportunity. After that Roberto leaves the office building and in frustration drives fast with loud music. For many days he was thinking of going on a second honeymoon with his wife to the same hotel where they went for their first one.

La Chispa De La Vida Review
Journalists and media persons storming the “accident site”….

Here, the story takes a big turn, the hotel is now converted into a museum and it is the inauguration time. Roberto deliberately goes inside the museum and tries to find the room where he spent his honeymoon. He is chased by a security guard who asks him to stop and leave as this is a prohibited place. Due to some confusion and fear Roberto tries to runway from the guard and met with an accident. He fells on iron rods with one of them getting inserted inside his skull. Although, he seems fine but the main problem is how to remove that iron rod from his head. The ambulance is called on the scene, while the journalists covering the inauguration of the museum too gets involved in the matter. Suddenly, the accident becomes viral all over the country and every channel becomes interested in covering it.

La Chispa De La Vida Review
                          Luisa trying to comfort her husband…

Roberto calls his wife who immediately reaches the scene and asks about how her husband can be moved to hospital. But, the doctors have no answer as they feel it is difficult to predict what would happen if the rod is removed from his skull. Roberto, on the other hand after learning that his tragedy is being shown live on TV takes a decision to make money of it. He hires an agent, Johnny, whose main job was to interview Roberto and sell the video to a news channel at a very high rate. Amidst all this Luisa is just focused on to somehow save her husband. She strikes a deal with a local news reporter, Pilar Alvarez, who promises her to interview her husband with family and then giving the tape to her.

Meanwhile, the doctors take the decision to operate Roberto in a mobile operation theatre near the site of the accident. They finally moves Roberto to the operation theatre, but as the rod is removed from his skull he starts bleeding very heavily. Operation goes on till next morning, as expected the doctors failed to save Roberto. Luisa and her children cries and the crowd becomes silent. In the end, a rich media tycoon tries to give Luisa 200 million euros for the tape. She kicks the money and leaves the scene with her children.

La Chispa De La Vida.
  Johnny trying to persuade Luisa for the interview…

La chispa de la vida Rating & Verdict:

La chispa de la vida has an unusual way to telling something that exists in our societies throughout this world. It has that dark pinch of humor too that makes it a fantastic movie to watch. Salma Hayek in particular has done a fabulous job in doing the character of Luisa (a loving wife to her husband). The other actors too have put in their efforts to make La chispa de la vida a movie worth our time. The background score too is really nice and it never feels out of the context. I gave 9 stars out of 10 to  La chispa de la vida, this is a kind of movie that a true cinema over always craves for and wills to put his money on. I personally would recommend La chispa de la vida to each one of you.

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Sanam Re – Movie Review

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Movie: Sanam Re

Year: 2016

Country of Origin: (Bollywood)

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama, Romance  

Sanam Re Review & Storyline:

After seeing and listening to Sanam Re songs I decided to watch it. What followed in 2 hours of Sanam Re’s running is very disappointing. Divya Kumar Khosla has directed Yaariyan earlier and it proved not a  very successful venture. Well, this time with Sanam Re a lot expectations were behind her and this time too she has let us down. I am not criticizing Divya’s direction as from technical point of view it is well-directed movie. But, the thing that really makes it a “not to watch” film is its other aspects.

Sanam Re fails in many departments except for one and that is its music. The songs are forever to remember kind and the background score too is classy and appealing. The film has a very weak plot a guy is working in a multinational company in Mumbai suddenly loses his job. He then went on to search a woman who can help him get back his job. He fakes love to her and she becomes serious with him. Then comes a twist when the guy realises that he still love his childhood sweetheart who now denies to recognize him. Eventually, it is being revealed that she is denying because she is suffering from heart disease and to cure that disease she needs to undergo a heart transplant operation. Now, the hero gets to know about this and suddenly vanquishes. In the end, the girl is being shown feeling her heart beats and saying… “no one knows whether it was an accident or he killed himself, but one thing is true that he left his heart beating inside me”

Sanam Re
Sanam Re

What Went Wrong With Sanam Re?

Any film becomes interesting and watchable if it features a good plot. With Sanam Re this is not the case. It has a very shallow plot and the fact that the actors too have given mediocre performances didn’t do any favor to Sanam Re. Pulkit Samrat, Urvashi Rautela and Yami Gautam they all have looked below par. Urvashi needs to really work hard, if she has to make a name for “acting” in Bollywood. Yami Gautam has been the face of the “Fair & Lovely” for some time now and in this film too she is looking fab. But, the sad part of the industry is that nobody is going to see your face only people want to see some acting skills too. Pulkit is a talented actor but time is running out for him to convert his talent into “substantial performances”.

Sanam Re Rating & Verdict:

I gave only 5 out of 10 to Sanam Re. These 5 stars are the result of some great music and picturesque locations this film offers. After seeing this movie I really want to visit Tanakpur someday. Conclusion, I still guess many girls would love to see this film, so if someone is really willing to see this then we can’t help them… In my humble opinion just download Sanam Re songs and enjoy them as part of your “memorable songs collection”. There’s really no good reason to see this movie unless you are a big fan of Yami Gautam (which I am)…

The Beautiful Playlist of All The Songs:

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The Jungle Book – Movie Review

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Movie: The Jungle Book

Year: 2016

Country of Origin: U.S.A

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

The Jungle Book Movie Review:

The Jungle Book was one of the most anticipated movie this year. And, after watching it last night I can say why it was so? The adventure of Mowgli and his friends has once again been able to win hearts all around. I watched the “Hindi Version” but, I am confident the English Version too is equally good. Now, talking about the story and its on-screen execution there’s only one answer to it and that is “awesome” work by the director Jon Favreau. While watching there was a constant struggle going on in my mind whether I should appreciate the story or the special effects of The Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book
Bagheera Taking Mowgli To A Safer Place….

As it is quite evident from the trailer, The Jungle Book has some nice fight scenes, good 3D effects and nostalgic drama. The story has our familiar characters such as Mowgli, Shere Khan, Bagheera, Akela, Raksha, Baloo, and Kaa. The film starts where Mowgli is shown enjoying his life with his family of wolves (who has brought him up from childhood). One day Shere Khan gives an indication to all the animals that Mowgli will grow up into a human (who always seek ways to destroy forests and its animals). Akela, the leader of the wolves tries to convince Shere Khan that Mowgli is different from other humans as he is brought up in this jungle. Shere, however, gives an open threat that someday Mowgli will be alone and no one will be able to save him. After this incident, it was decided by the wolves that it’s better that Mowgli must go now to some other place because he is no longer safe here. Bagheera (The Black Panther), who brought Mowgli to the wolves years ago, now takes him towards the human settlement.

The Jungle Book
Mowgli And Friends Challenging Shere Khan…

Midway, they are attacked by Shere Khan and Mowgli gets lost in the jungle while running for his life. Later in the movie Mowgli encounters Kaa who tries to kill him, but Baloo (The Bear) saves his life. They become friends afterwards, and do a lot of things (which I am not sharing here as the Movie is still in theatres). You must watch the movie and see the rest part yourself. The Jungle Book ends on a happy note when Mowgli defeats his enemy and does not leave the jungle.


The Jungle Book Rating &  Verdict:

I have rated The Jungle Book 8 out of 10. The movie is short and well-directed. There is emotion, drama and action in The Jungle Book which you as well as your younger siblings or kids gonna love too much. In my view, The Jungle Book is a must watch movie for people who have seen the cartoon version of it in the golden era of 1990s. Neel Sethi as Mowgli has been terrific. He has made it look easy on-screen and it shows the potential of this new kid on the horizon. The Hindi dubbing is just stunning and Nana Patekar, Priyanka Chopra, Om Puri have really done great job. The most outstanding voice was of Irfan Khan (Baloo), I loved his Punjabi style of talking and it suited to the character of Baloo very much. Conclusion, The Jungle Book is in cinemas now so get your seats reserved this weekend and watch it with your family, friends or sweet hearts.


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Les Visiteurs – Movie Review

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Movie: Les Visiteurs

English Title: The Visitors

Year: 1993

Country of Origin: France

Language: French (Mainly) English (Few Dialogues)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, History Fiction

Les Visiteurs Movie Review & Story-line:

Les Visiteurs is a comedy movie based on “time traveling”. The movie is set in early 12th and late 20th centuries. It is 1123 and a brave Knight named Godefroy Amaury de Malfête saves his King’s  (Louis VI “Le Gros”) life. For his “extra ordinary” feat King gives him the title of  Count of Montmirail. He also gives him permission to marry the woman he for long fancied. Here, comes the tragedy in the life of Godefroy as under the spell of a potion he “accidentally” kills his would be father-in-law. Frénégonde de Pouille (the countess with whom he was about to marry) tells him that she can’t marry a person who made her orphan. This makes Godefroy very sad he also decides not to marry anyone else all his life. After this, Godefroy goes to a  wizard named Eusebius and asks him if he can bring back his father-in-law? The wizard replies indeed he can’t, but he can sent him through the “tunnels of time” from where he can stop himself from shooting (with a crossbow arrow) his father-in-law.

Les Visiteurs.
Godefroy under the “spell” of a witch…

Eusebius gives him a “magic potion” upon drinking of which Godefroy along-with his valet Jacquouille la Fripouille by wizard’s mistake comes into the year 1993. Here, starts the real drama of Les Visiteurs as they gets confused seeing the modern world with latest technologies and mistake them for “devil’s machines”. After reaching the 1993, Godefroy and Jacquouille la Fripouille encounters police and fights with them. Godefroy is taken to a mental asylum while Jacquouille meets a vagabond called Ginette la clocharde (Marie-Anne Chazel).

Les Visiteurs.
Godefroy & Jacquouille destroying a car thinking it as “Devil’s Chariot”…

The twist comes when Godefroy meets Béatrice de Montmirail (who is exactly same as Frénégonde). Beatrice thinks of Godefroy as her long-lost cousin Hubert and takes him from asylum to her home. At home Jacquouille (Christian Clavier) do some stupid stuff which is something worth watching with your own eyes rather than me narrating it to you. Soon, Godefroy realize that Beatrice is his “descendant” and he has come to future. Now, he gets worried about going back to is time. He asks Beatrice to take him to his castle (which is now turned into a heritage hotel) run by a man Jacques-Henri Jacquard (who looks like Jacquouille because of being his descendant). In the castle, Godefroy finds the secret passage he was looking for going back to his time. How will he and Jacquouille return to 1123 again ? Is something you need to find out by watching Les Visiteurs. I would like to disclose one thing that Les Visiteurs ends when Godefroy corrects his mistake of shooting his would be father-in-law, but Jacquouille remains in the year 1993 instead he tricked everyone to send Jaquard back to past…

Les Visiteurs Rating & Verdict:

In my assessment Les Visiteurs (The Visitors) is worthy of  7/10 rating. Les Visiteurs is a good to watch “one-time” stuff, but never a complete cinema as anyone would love to see. The film relies heavily on two lead characters and the music too is not very pleasing. In fact, as for my liking there was very “dim and light background score” in Les Visiteurs. Coming to special effects, it is very much clear that the movie is old and as a viewer of today’s age to me they seemed very “ordinary”. At last, I would recommend it to all age groups as it is a funny film to enjoy either with your friends or family.

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